Saturday: Prince Daddy, Kississippi, Jouska, Save Face

Saturday: Prince Daddy, Kississippi, Jouska, Save Face


Oh jeez, Albany. Wow. If you didn’t cop a ticket to see this show yet, get your affairs in order. With this swoon-worthy lineup, we’re surprised there are still some floating around. Prince Daddy & The Hyena are back in town and rumor has it they’ve been playing some brand new hits while in their massive tour. Kississippi released the crisp and gorgeous full-length Sunset Blush this spring. It’s a bittersweet, emotional project set to killer rock tunes. Jersey’s Save Face and Philly’s Who Loves You are coming along with plenty of new songs to dance to, Save Face put out the 14-track Merci in July and talking shit about yr friends by who loves you dropped in May. Even Jouska has joined this set. Be there.

Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Kississippi, Jouska, Save Face, Who Loves You

The Linda, Albany

Saturday 8/4, 7PM

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