On Track: Reckoning with oneself through song

On Track: Reckoning with oneself through song

LISTEN: Lone Phone Booth releases “MUSIC FOR THE FAINT OF HEART”

“MUSIC FOR THE FAINT OF HEART” is a collection of songs that represent, in essence, the clarity of thought. This six-track project from Albany’s Lone Phone Booth, the project of Grace Annunziato, is warm, reminiscent, and beautifully written. Annunziato sings with such control, tightrope walking between a sense of power and melancholy, cutting through the static of the outside world. Their songwriting, a balance between poetry and documentation. (The combination of the two bring to mind the carefully delivered style of Slothrust’s Leah Wellbaum.)

Annunziato tells stories in snapshots of sound, touch, taste, and sight. They brings us back to moments we’ve all known, but have never experienced in quite the same way.

“The car my parents bought for me/ holes I burned in the driver’s seat/ get hurt cry out scar forms / move on,” they sing in the closing track “2004 CHEVY MALIBU.”

Dark Honey – “The Moon”

The Albany indie band (and Best Of winner) Dark Honey will be the first to tell you about their rocky road to artistic fulfillment. In “The Moon,” they take a synth heavy left turn in the exploration of their style and sound. The track encapsulate this grasping of purpose, a desperate need to be anywhere but where they’ve been before.

“I’m still lookin’ for the bonfire/ But I’m a mile out yet still / red glossed young eyes/ warm June forgetful me/ but I’ll be with you in the rewrite/ when time is a far cry,” sings vocalist Jimi Woodul.

They’re still searching.

WATCH: Bear Grass – “Wash Over Me”

The Troy indie band led by Katie Hammon is in the final countdown in anticipation of the Aug. 10 drop of LEFT. “Wash Over Me” is the third single to drop from the upcoming sophomore album (you can check out “Unawake” and “Snake in the Grass” on Spotify.) In the video, filmed and edited by Adam Muro, we follow the band on a leisurely hike. Offsetting the power and urgency in Hammon’s vocals, it calls on us to slow down–at least for a few minutes. Relax and enjoy the view.

G2TG:  The shows you gotta get to this week

Rubblebucket is back, y’all. They play with And The Kids (who will be opening up for Blondie at MASS MoCA on Friday night) and Onlyness for an unforgettable Rockin’ on the River show at Riverfront Park in Troy. Fake a cough and leave work a little early, it kicks off at 5 PM and you won’t want to miss a minute of this one.

It’s the very last Alive at Five show of the season. The LA-based trio Sir Sly will play us out with some help from The LateShift, 5 PM at Jennings Landing.

In Saratoga, Melanie, one of the three women to perform at Woodstock back in ‘69, is playing a back to back show Caffe Lena (6:30 and 8:30 PM). So if you’re looking to hear some bluesy Americana with vocals that have compared to the raw, raspy power of Janis Joplin, now’s your chance.

Blondie takes over MASS MoCA in North Adams, Mass. at 7 PM.

Zan & The Winter Folk (The Alt’s Best Folk Band 2018) play a chilled-out “unplugged” show with Rechorduroys and Joan Kelsey at Elixir 16 in Troy at 7:30 PM.

Plus, Nico Frank and The Age will play Savoy Taproom in Albany at 8 PM.

We’ll be the first to let you know when we figure out this whole cloning endeavor. How could you not be at each one?

Prince Daddy & The Hyena are back in town and the scene is excited to say the least. They play The Linda in Albany with Kississippi, Jouska, and Save Face at 7 PM.

Albany noise rock crew Che Guevara T-Shirt is celebrating the CD release of their 5-track Seven Out, Pay the Don’ts with Hill Haints, Eternal Crimes, Haunted Cat, and Bunnies at the Savoy at 9 PM

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