Heavy Frequencies: The latest metal releases

Heavy Frequencies: The latest metal releases

Here’s a look at some of the heavier releases that have grabbed my attention lately. While national acts like Thou and Deafheaven have released some of their best work this summer, local acts seem increasingly unburdened by typical metal stereotypes. Locals like Spell Runner and Hush appear committed to producing original work that defies tradition and easy classification. They’re also really loud. 


Local doom heavyweights Hush have been pretty quiet about their new EP called Untitled II. Two of the tracks were planned for a split release that didn’t come to fruition and the rest of the nine-song EP is made up of new versions of songs released on their first album Untitled I which is available on Sludgelord Records Bandcamp page. You can name your own price for the release, so we suggest you take advantage of their generosity by being generous in return.


My favorite band in the world (no hyperbole) is releasing a billion records this year (OK more like 5 or 6) but still. This anti-establishment, experimental metal and punk band from Louisiana has made my life just a little bit better with each of their releases. This week their EP Rhea Sylvia will be released on Converge’s Death Wish. The release is a (slightly) more accessible turn–combining more clean singing and melody with their trademark caustic sludge. Fans of Alice In Chains and Acid Bath will likely dig it. Did I mention they covered Crowbar’s “The Lasting Dose”? Well they did and it’s insane.


Dirt Church

This Waterford-based metal consortium released their demo on Bandcamp last month. There’s no denying that they wear their influences on their sleeve from track to track. There’s some Mastodon, some Pantera, some general doom but it’s clear they are working toward something unique. You can catch them at playing a Super Dark show at Desperate Annie’s on July 30 with Spell Runner, the winners of our our 2018 Reader’s Poll for Best Hardcore Band, and Sun Natives. They’ll also be at Pauly’s Hotel on August 20 opening for Montreal’s dirty doomsters Dopethrone.


Speaking of Dopethrone, they’ve got a new disc out called TransCanadian Anger. It’s as filthy and flagrant as ever.

Spell Runner

I have to admit I was turned on to the work of Spell Runner by our readers. Boy, I’m glad. They come across as an angry Cramps and I can’t get enough of it.


Would you believe me if I told you the most beautiful and majestic album released this year was released by a metal band? Deafheaven haven’t exactly clicked for me up to this point. Their mixture of shoegaze and black metal was always appealing to me in concept but never in practice. That changes on Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. This is easily their best work ever.


Boston’s Forn has been high on my radar for a few years now. After a lengthy break and lineup shifts, they are set to return with what appears to be a stunning new scope. The electronics on this track are stunning. The album comes out later this year on my favorite underground label Gilead Media.

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