Troy city council considers future dog park

Troy city council considers future dog park

The Troy city council signaled support last week for a community-led initiative to establish and maintain a new, off-leash dog park in one of several potential locations.

Jason Fenton, a city resident who runs Collar City Canines, a group of dog owners that intends to form a nonprofit to help raise money to implement and maintain the park, told the council’s planning committee on Thursday that the group is “ready to partner with the city” on the endeavor.

The group shared with members of the council a four-page “Implementation Overview” and a map of potential sites. The group has also submitted a proposal to Mayor Patrick Madden’s office, according to the overview.

The ideal facility would feature at least a half acre of space enclosed by a four-foot-high fence, the overview says. The group identifies an initial funding goal of $7,500 to cover construction costs. Several downtown businesses are willing to hold fundraisers, Fenton said.

The idea of a new dog park has come up during recent discussions connected to the city’s new comprehensive plan and its application for Gov. Cuomo’s $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative, planning commissioner Steve Strichman said at the Thursday meeting.

Mayor Patrick Madden’s administration “is supportive of the efforts of local dog owners and Councilmembers [T.J.] Kennedy and [David] Bissember to establish a dog park within the City of Troy,” spokesman John Salka told The Alt in an email on Monday night. “However, a number of issues must be addressed prior to moving forward, including neighborhood concerns, cost of construction, maintenance and upkeep, and liability insurance.”

The city “will remain in contact with community representatives and interested parties to ensure all concerns are addressed,” Salka said. 

At the meeting on Thursday, Fenton floated the idea of some sort of memorandum of understanding between Collar City Canines and the city in the future, formalizing a partnership.

There is already a small dog park in Troy’s Kinloch Park, near the Emma Willard School. That park, along with a now-defunct facility in Beman Park, near Samaritan Hospital, was authorized by local legislation adopted in 2009. Several years later, the council authorized the creation of a dog park in Prospect Park.

“That’s the site that everybody’s been eyeballing,” Strichman said of a clearing in Prospect Park’s southeastern corner. The site, however, is strewn with cobblestones that would need to be removed— “a pretty big project,” the commissioner said.

Other potential locations identified by Collar City Canines include Frear Park, Knickerbacker Park, and city-owned land near Kennedy Towers.

This story has been updated to include comments from the mayor’s office.

Photo of Woodrow via the Troy city clerk’s official Twitter account.


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