AltCast: Dan Neet of The Clay People

AltCast: Dan Neet of The Clay People

On this week’s AltCast I sit down with Dan Neet lead singer of The Clay People to talk about the band’s new album Demon Hero, their reunion and Neet’s struggle with addiction.

This was a particularly-poignant interview for me as I’ve been a diehard fan of the group for years.  In the late nineties The Clay People were one of the area’s biggest bands. Their live shows were manic, dramatic and cathartic. During that time I’d periodically visit Neet at Albany’s now-defunct Music Shack to get his recommendations on the latest albums. 

To say Neet and the band have had an outsized impact on my life would be an understatement. As it turns out, drummer Dan Dinsmore (owner of Overit) is one of the backers of The Alt

The band will return to the stage Neet on vocals, Dinsmore on drums and Brian McGarvey on the ax August 24 at Chrome Food & Spirits in Waterford. The show is expected to be the first in a full-on return to the band. 

Demon Hero is a return to the band’s hay day–full of big riffs, propulsive beats, Neet’s operatic vocals, guest spots from famous musicians, and industrial-flavored electronics. 

Neet speaks frankly about his struggle with heroin addiction and just how close the Clay People came to major popular recognition with their self-titled album. 

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