On Track: It’s a concept album celebration

On Track: It’s a concept album celebration

LISTEN: Concept albums explore times of existential crisis and unconditional love

i feel okay releases an LP about climate change and chaos
Albany’s i feel okay, the experimental noise project of Zakariya Houacine (Prince Daddy & The Hyena) dropped climate trauma on June 26. It’s a sonic clashing of the anxious turmoil surrounding our impending climate apocalypse and an existential crisis. Led by electronic ticks, screeching feedback, chilling narratives and nervous mumbling, it’s the songwriting that stars in the show. Each song has lyrics that stick with you, it’s hard to share just one here for reference.

“Last thing I’d wanna do is scare you / spiral into silence the data breakthrough / it’s 3 millimeters rising per year / Sisyphus blind pushing a boulder on a virtual treadmill / while the world falls apart,” they sing in the almost cheery, carnival-esque “crush.”

Clear Mind professes his love in a new EP about his daughter
The new EP The Day I Met You sees a softer side of Clear Mind. The hip hop artist pours it all out, a heartwarming six-track letter to his now four-month-old daughter describing the excitement, fear and future he envisioned when she would come into the world. It’s a deeply personal, one of a kind account of unconditional love, hope and firm belief that his daughter will shed just as much brightness on the rest of the world as she grows. Better yet, the project is a piece of her father she will have forever.

“I got so much love for you/ I don’t even think I left enough for myself/ but as long as you’re here/ that’s enough for my health,” he raps in “All About You.”

Single bonus: “VISUALS/BRAINS” – Chris Cool Peeples, Clarisse Harbour
There’s a lot going on in this new track from Chris Cool Peeples. Produced by Whodunit, there are enough moving parts to keep listeners completely locked in: a simple yet effectively catchy drum beat blended with electronica, a faded clip from Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech, a take on “Break My Stride” and a slow and steady ‘90s rock guitar to wrap it up. It’s fun to unravel, not to mention a pretty cool exploration of style from Peeples.

WATCH: “Shake Well” – Word the Third Eye

Shot and edited by Melvin Williams, this vibrant and playful new music video from Word the Third Eye features cameos from fellow artists Chris Cool Peeples and Promise the Unbreakable. If that hook doesn’t get stuck in your head, you’re lying to yourself.

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