On Track: splits, singles and shows

On Track: splits, singles and shows

Stay on track with what the local music community has cooking.

LISTEN: Hate Club/Bruiser and Bicycle split is up for grabs

Wow. The new split from Albany DIY groups Hate Club and Bruiser and Bicycle (Bee Side Cassettes) sees both bands blossoming in colorful, wild directions. A little over a year since their debut EP, Hate Club has adopted a power pop-punk revival role worth smiling about. “I Remember” is reminiscent of early 2000s hitmakers like Fountains of Wayne and Cute is What We Aim For with a dash of lo-fi, punk grit. Paired with the rolling “Undiagnosed,” the tracks are representative of the band’s spunk and emotional prowess. The roughly-9-minute rollercoaster ride of “Turn To Dirt” from Bruiser and Bicycle is a playful adventure in structure and sound. “Catch me if you can,” they tease. It’s worth the chase.

Hints and teasers: A Pink Nois single and Promise video

The Frank Ocean of Albany put out a twinkling new single in anticipation of his forthcoming album. “The Mandela Effect” finds our protagonist a bit flustered. Here’s hoping he finds some guidance in the rest of his project.

Schenectady rapper Promise The Unbreakable has new work on the way. In this music video teaser, the performer is sporting a new look and some fun, aerial production work.

G2TG: Flip a coin for the weekenders

Friday 6/22, 8 PM

Ja Rule, Ashanti, Lloyd at The Palace: This would be a great time to appease the voice in your head that won’t stop singing “Always on Time.”

Rechorduroys release show at River Street Pub: The band is celebrating their album release with Sun Natives and The Abyssmals. They may or may not have done an AltCast session recently in which you can watch a bit of tambourine shakin’ and guitar rippin’.

Saturday 6/23, 6 PM

Upstate’s Finest at Albany Barn: DJ Siroc has a killer line-up set for this show. If you’re a fan of the local hip hop you’ll be crazy to miss it.

Sunday 6/24, 8 PM

Electric Sensei, The Northway, A Delicate Motor at Paulys Hotel: Some experimental and psych rock for your lazy Sunday. Cincinnati’s A Delicate Motor looks to be especially exciting, the June 29 album Fellover My Own sounds like it will be a comforting and contemplative project.

All Weekend: Freihofer’s Jazz Festival is pulling in some pretty big names on the jazz scene. Herbie Hancock is going to be there bright and early. Shouldn’t you be there too?


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