AltCast: Vote in our 2018 Best Of issue!

AltCast: Vote in our 2018 Best Of issue!

The latest installment of the AltCast is all about the Best Of issues. (That’s right. Issues.) David and Katie explain how this summer’s voting session will work, share a few predictions and sneak in recommendations for our readers. Don’t agree with our favorite picks? Throw in your choices here.

ICYMI: based on the response of last year’s inaugural readers’ poll issue, we’ll be splitting our Best Of 2018 into three separate issues this year:

July 25: Music and Arts
Aug. 8: Goods and Services
Aug. 22: Food and Drink

Here’s how it will work: voting for each category will close on the Friday before the release of it’s designated issue. Voting for the music, arts and entertainment categories will close on July 22, goods, services, people, places and miscellaneous will close Aug. 3 and the food and drink categories will close Aug. 17.

Voting kicked off last week and we’re pretty excited about watching the polls climb. Some categories already have neck and neck competitors so if you don’t want your favorite band, restaurant, hiking trail or podcast to get lost in the mix, go make your voice heard!

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