Ozymandias takes a joyride in “Been Busy”

Ozymandias takes a joyride in “Been Busy”

It takes a while for artists to find their brand and Albany rapper Ozymandias has had his image under careful construction. With the June 6 music video drop of “Been Busy,” he may have just hit the nail on the head. In a roughly two-minute musing, the artist is presenting two sides of himself in equal measure: one bright and open, the other dark and brooding. Both of which leave us hungry for more.

“I just wanted to give some bars away to my fans,” he said. “‘Been Busy’ is just pretty much a free verse I did for this group called Ace Club from Johnstown, NY…[with] their in house producer CM BEATS. We never did anything with the song and I really liked my voice on this track.”

Inspired by videos like “No Label” by DDG or “Pull Up” by Lil Mosey as well as the work of noted hip hop videographer Cole Bennett, the GODLY track was visualized by local videographer Rammi Haddawi. Encapsulated as a short, dreamlike jaunt of the artist exploring his city at night, the piece is shot in shadowy, sluggish moments awash with vibrant color.

“I try to make my work pop out, try giving a different look. I usually always try to go for the darker, dramatic theme,” Haddawi said.

His work sheds some light on the delightful mystery of Ozymandias’ persona, one who has been edging along a darker side of late. He’s taken to social media with branding campaigns such as “Access Denied” or “N4E” (Not For Everyone), testing listeners–and now viewers–with messages that beg a little extra thought. There’s an element to “Been Busy” that taps in so quickly, you just might miss it. Quarter-second subliminal flashes of multilingual text that the artist says he’d rather have people decode for themselves. Good luck.

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