On Track: New videos from Geoff Gordon and tagabow & more

On Track: New videos from Geoff Gordon and tagabow & more

Welcome to The Alt’s weekly music column, On Track, where we take a look at what the local music community has cooking. Plus, stay up to date on music news and upcoming gigs:

WATCH: New music videos from tagabow and Geoff Gordon

Check out the densely-layered, lo-fi visuals of “yawner” from they are gutting a body of water’s gestures been. Consisting of shaky, experimental shots of a graveyard hangout, this video holds more than meets the eye. Each scene propels viewers into another by way of bright light or offset contrast, sending us ever deeper down the rabbit hole as pounding instrumentals and near indeterminable vocals vibrate in dark circles and cuts of film.


A dazzling new music video for “Interlude” off of Geoff Gordon’s debut EP is up. Filmed and edited by the band’s own Shannon Straney (vocals, keyboard), we follow a metallic humanoid alien portrayed by Hannah Straney (choreographer, dancer) as she explores her new surroundings by touch. Contorting and climbing in and out of her environment and self, the character moves outside of time–bending in sharp, jarring angles or slipping languidly to the floor in pink taffeta moments before recluding back to a crinkled aluminum cocoon. It’s a work of art.

Catch Straney’s work on the band’s “MHL Jesus” video while you’re at it.

READ: The Ye album reviews that turned into full on think pieces

The heavily marketed (whether he knew we were onto him or not) Ye is here and the reviews are pouring in. Expectedly, everyone seems to have more to say about Kanye as a cultural figure than the shrug-worthy album he dropped on June 1. But there are some good points made by critics of an album that has, in its first days out in the world, been referred to as “barely coherent thoughts and barely complete songs.” There are reviews that find it empty, but still search wildly for the clever, biting Kanye of his past work. They cringe at reports that Ye was completely rewritten after his Twitter and TMZ outbursts, because it shows.

“It feels like these words were written before West got the chance to really turn the last month’s events over in his head, but he ultimately skirted catastrophe in leaning into his natural knack for apology,” writes Vulture’s Craig Jenkins.

It’s been called a chaotic cry for help, highlighting Kanye’s failure to grasp much of anything, let alone his own mental health. At just 24 minutes in its entirety, it’s an erratic and desperate attempt that–after the month of drama he suffocated us with–leaves many fans and listeners thinking, “That was it?”

G2TG: Flip a coin for the weekenders

Friday, June 8 finds Black Pistol Fire ripping through Albany. Catch our Q&A with the duo’s drummer Eric Owen before you catch their show at The Hollow at 8 PM.

On Saturday, June 9 (8 PM) The Parlor celebrates their new album with Another Michael, Charlie from Hovvdy & Blue Ranger at The Hollow in Albany. It’s an overwhelmingly stacked bill.

At the same exact date and time, the Championship Tour hits SPAC. The tour features Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and SiR Lance Skiiiwalker. Fans are still waiting patiently to see whether SZA will join the rest of the team at the Saratoga show. She performed at her New Jersey high school Monday June 4 and was reportedly “able-voiced.

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