Senate appears to use emergency alert system to announce Joe Torre

Senate appears to use emergency alert system to announce Joe Torre

An emergency-alert system employed by the New York State Senate appears to have been used today to announce that Joe Torre, former manager of the Yankees, would be in the building and posing for pictures in the Senate chamber. Members were bombarded by calls, emails and texts about Torre’s appearance from what appears to be the Senate’s accounts. 

Glad-handing wasn’t Torre’s main concern: He was there as Chief Baseball Officer of the MLB to push for regulation of sports gambling and to advocate for an “integrity fee” to be implemented with sports gambling. The MLB wants Albany to pass legislation before the end of this session. 

Former Yankees manager Joe Girardi was in Albany last month with a similar message. 

The Senate Emergency Alert system appears to have been previously used to announce the cancellation of session due to extreme weather and warn members of “disturbances” in the building. Alerts were apparently texted to individual members, automated calls placed to their cell phones and made to their district offices. 

Asked for comment, Scott Reif, spokesperson for Senate Republicans, said he would have to look into the matter. 

Here is a screenshot of the message sent to legislators: 

This is the email announcing Torre’s presence. 

Here is a previous email regarding the Senate Emergency Notification system. 

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