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Behind the scenes of The Alt’s Spring Fashion shoot

Behind the scenes of The Alt’s Spring Fashion shoot

Check out some of the beautiful details of this found fashion collection in this behind the scenes look at the poses, outfit moderations and creative collaboration of The Alt’s Spring Fashion photoshoot. From jewelry to jackets, these local creatives worked every piece. Read more about the designers behind some of the one-of-a-kind pieces and the uniquely styled looks that were tailored to each model in the rest of Issue 22.

Special thanks to Open Stage Media for their work onset and for turning hours of footage into this video, to Richard Lovrich for his photographic eye, to Adam Van Buren for his innovating styling on set,  to the incredibly talented designers–Laura Merry Andrighetti (Moonfruitgloworm) and Elona Hope Mitchell-Strong (2 Strong)–and last but not least, thank you to our models. 

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