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The Alt presents: Spring Fashion 2018

The Alt presents: Spring Fashion 2018

What if a humanoid aliens had parties? What if, at those parties, they amused themselves by dressing in “human drag”, interpreting here, exaggerating there, missing the point, creatively making new points on the theme of human attire and appearance? This describes guest fashion stylist Adam Van Buren’s personal, self-fetishizing costume and makeup creations.

If The Alt’s spring fashion photoshoot was a hurricane, Van Buren was the eye of the storm. He moved with lightning speed and focus. He floated, nearly unseen in the organized chaos. He tapped models like a fairy godmother, adding an accessory that brought a look to new level, turning necklaces into belts or pinning, twisting, folding and flipping a garment until it became a masterpiece unrecognizable from its original form. A number of said pieces were found by Van Buren on a thrifting adventure through The Church, a new artist studio and event space in Troy, with our photographer Richard Lovrich.

Adam VanBuren is our fashion editor for the Spring 2018 issue. He shopped at the Cathedral of All Saints basement church sale in Albany before visiting the studio of Laura Merry Andrighetti at "the church" artist's space in Troy. While there he also dropped in to the studio of photograher Michael Valiquette shown at his laptop here. PHotograher, Creative Director Richard Lovrich is seen in selfie mirror photos.

Visiting the studio of Laura Merry Andrighetti at The Church artist’s space in Troy.

Others, such as the extravagant and avant-garde headpieces on our models, were hand-crafted by the artist and guest designer Laura Merry Andrighetti. The designer (@moonfruitgloworm) and Elona Hope Mitchell-Strong (@two_strong_) brought their best and brightest work to the shoot. We are very excited to share our Spring Fashion Issue, a collaborative work with  creative local talents featuring outrageous colors, irreverent texturing and mischievous layering—Chanel chic at thrift shop prices for those who dare to wear. — Creative Director, set photographer Richard Lovrich, Music Editor Katie Cusack

Find what you can where you are:

Corey Luccese is wearing a thrifted jacket, a mesh top by Moonfruitgloworm and his own hat, bottoms and shoes, with accessories borrowed from the stylist.

Jem Steel is wearing a thrifted red dragon tee and gold jacket, printed skirt and slip and a hat borrowed form the stylist.

Everything is unique, one of one:

In her first look, Malaika Iyok is wearing a top by Moonfruitgloworm, jeans by 2 Strong with a hat and belt borrowed from the stylist. Elona Hope Mitchell-Strong is wearing her own boots and top with cobra shorts by Moonfruitgloworm in her first look. 

Kat Carter models a 2 Strong jacket with her own glasses, top and jeans with shoes borrowed from the stylist. 

In her second look, Malaika rocks a draping red piece from the stylist with her own shoes. Elona models a 2 Strong jacket and pants ensemble with glasses borrowed from the stylist.

Use things that are overlooked:

Rachel Baxter wears a floral headpiece made by the stylist, dress by Moonfruitgloworm and borrowed scarf. In her second look, she wears a full look by Moonfruitgloworm. 

Kat Carter wears a top by Moonfruitgloworm, borrowed shoes and coat and her own jeans and glasses.

Emery Cloud wears an ensemble by Moonfruitgloworm.

Sybil Syrvice wears her own dress, shoes and wig with borrowed gloves.

Jem Steel wears a coat by 2 Strong and headpiece, top and shorts by Moonfruitgloworm. The hat, top and shorts modeled by Corey Luccese are also by the latter designer. He wears his own shoes and tights. 

Adrian Lewis wears his own leather jacket, jeans, glasses and shoes with a hoodie by LYF Supply. Kat wears her own clothes, borrowed shoes and a thrifted coat.

A mix of everything, there are no boundaries:

Emery Cloud wears a headpiece, top and shorts by Moonfruitgloworm with a borrowed bag. 

Jem Steel wears a thrifted dress with the stylist’s own belt and scarf, a fruit crown by Moonfruitgloworm and borrowed shoes.

Find the “fairy dream coat” of your life:

This one of a kind coat, worn as a dress by Sybil Service, is a silk and felted wool piece handcrafted by local artist Lori Kelly and gifted to Laura Andrighetti (Moonfruitgloworm). The piece is cinched with the stylist’s own belt. Accessories and shoes belong to the model.

See more of Adam Van Buren’s creative work on Instagram at @avanbeauty or view his film and digital artwork online.

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