Prepare yourself for 24-Hour Drone

Prepare yourself for 24-Hour Drone

This weekend Basilica Hudson hosts 24-Hour Drone, a festival that celebrates the meditative and cathartic power of immersive music. National and local acts alike will perform one after the other with no gaps between sets from 12 PM on Saturday to 12 PM Sunday.

I’ve committed myself to cover the entire event and for a good majority of the show I’ll have The Alt’s creative director and all-around nice guy Richard Lovrich accompanying me, snapping away with his Leica.

Feel free to come say “Hi!’ if you’re going to be droning.

I’ve debated bringing my four-year-old daughter who loves music and has a knack for her own drone compositions, but common sense is starting to get the better of me.

The folks at Basilica kindly provide an FAQ on how to prepare for the event. I found it quite helpful.


We have had parents that have brought their babies and small children, but the event isn’t specifically geared towards families.  This event is unique in that it presents an opportunity for many people to slow down and sit in stillness, while at other times can be louder than you thought possible. It’s up to you; you know your child best!  If you bring your kids to music shows, we suggest you get them sufficient ear protection. Note: there may be adult content during our video program.”


Basilica is a unique industrial setting with limited space. Bring a camping pad/yoga mat/folding chair and pillows/cushions/sleeping bags/blankets. Space is limited and the wellbeing of all DRONERs is key, so please be respectful and limit the gear that you bring in order to maximize space and comfort for all DRONERs.

Bring warm and comfortable clothes, bottles for refill at Basilica’s water fountain, and endurance-enhancing snacks.

There will be a variety of food vendors and a bar. You’ll probably want to bring cash.

And yes, there is reentry.

If you want a better sense of the philosophy behind 24-Hour Drone, be sure to check out our AltCast featuring Basilica owner Melissa Auf der Maur and Drone curator Sarah Van Buren.

I’m quite psyched to see power-noise provocateur Pharmakon who performs at 10 PM on Saturday night.

Here’s the full event schedule:

11:00 AM – Doors open

12:00 PM – Bill Brovold + the Mystical Miniature Orchestra

12:30 PM – Sahba Sizdahkhani

1:00 PM – Hotel Neon

1:45 PM – New London Drone Orchestra

2:45 PM – Triform Bell Choir

3:00 PM – Gamelan Kusuma Laras

4:00 PM – Sontag Shogun

5:00 PM – Drab

5:30 PM – Hudson Boys Club

6:15 PM – Pipers from Capital Region Celtic Pipe Band

6:45 PM – Julia Kent

7:45 PM – Mark Wagner

8:15 PM – Arranged Marriage NP

9:15 PM – Paul

10:00 PM – Pharmakon

10:30 PM – New Castrati

11:15 PM – Marilu Donovan / Tristan Kasten Krause

12:00 AM – Bergsonist

12:45 AM – The Less Effectives

1:15 AM – Drew Joy

2:30 AM – Max Hamel


4:15 AM – Sympathy for Astronauts

5:15 AM – Randy Gibson: Harmonic Twilight Accretion

6:11 AM – Lama Lhanang Rinpoche

6:41 AM – Laraaji + Arji OceAnanda

8:00 AM – Cicada Dream

9:00 AM – Kite

10:00 AM – Steve Gorn & Jody Elf

11:00 AM – Dronechoir Syllaba

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