Smallville star may be looking for a plea deal after sex trafficking charges

Smallville star may be looking for a plea deal after sex trafficking charges

Smallville actress Allison Mack, who has been pegged as NXIVM head Keith Raniere’s partner in an alleged sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy that lead to Raniere’s arrest in Mexico last month, appears to be headed toward a plea deal, according to documents recently filed recently. Mack was arrested on Friday and charged along with Raniere with sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy.

Raniere and Mack allegedly ran an offshoot of NXIVM that involved forcing women into sex against their will, imprisoning them, forcing them to work, and branding.

NXIVM insiders allege that brands carved onto women involved in the alleged cult represented both Raniere and Mack’s initials.

Mack pleaded not guilty on Friday. A document signed by prosecutors and Mack would exclude a two-period from speedy-trial requirements as a plea deal seems at hand.

Mack is set for a bail hearing in Brooklyn federal court tomorrow.

Raniere’s NXIVM success training programs drew a coterie of celebrities and heiresses to the Capital Region. Nicki Clyne and Kristin Kreuk of Battlestar Galactica fame and Mack were a steady presence in Troy for years as they sought to recruit young members to NXIVM and its various endeavors.

Former Metroland reporter Chet Hardin wrote about Clyne and Mack’s interest in Troy in 2008:

Last week, Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian got a break from his regular humdrum duties to entertain, at least for a little while, celebrity. Allison Mack of TV’s Smallville and Nicki Clyne of Battlestar Galactica were in Troy, scoping out the quaint downtown scene, visiting the shops and going out for dinner, and they popped in for a quick visit with the befuddled mayor.

Mack and Clyne have said that they were interested in starting a business, and curious about the community’s youth scene, said Jeff Buell, Troy’s director of public information.

Why Troy? Why the Capital Region?

Because, according to multiple sources, Clyne and Mack are students of Executive Success Programs, or ESP, which is the educational wing of NXIVM, and have been for at least a year. Mack’s co-star, Kristin Kreuk, has been connected to the organization for years.”

NXIVM higher-ups, including Seagram’s heiress Claire Bronfman, have moved to Brooklyn to be closer to the lockup where Raniere is being held according to Frank Parlato, a former NXIVM publisher who has become one of the group’s biggest critics. According to Parlato NXIVM has ceased recruiting and is preparing for “war” with its critics.

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