The AltCast: Music Series feat. The Death Vacation

The AltCast: Music Series feat. The Death Vacation

Welcome to The AltCast: Music. 

In this new video series, nationally touring and local bands you love play a few songs for your viewing pleasure. 

We’re thrilled to present our first guests, Albany’s The Death Vacation. On a quiet Monday afternoon, they set themselves up in Proctors’ massive GE Theater, turned their amps all the way up and absolutely let it rip. 

Special thanks to Open Stage Media for filming and editing our new series, to Proctors’ sound engineering team for setting up the performance space and making sure the band sounds tight, to our performers who donated their time and energy to make some premium content and to our viewers. 

If you’d like to be featured on TheAltCast Music hit us up on social media with the hashtag #altcast. Extra points if you include a short video of you or your band performing a song. 

Enjoy and stay tuned.



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