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Butterflies and Brews: MiSci’s unique craft brew sampling experience

Butterflies and Brews: MiSci’s unique craft brew sampling experience

In the midst of these scattered “Nor’easter” storms, sometimes it helps to imagine yourself in a much brighter place–somewhere there is color, warmth and life.

At the Museum of Innovation and Science in Schenectady, you can actually go there, because on March 31, they’ll serve you a local craft brew while you bask in the presence of greenery, flowers and vibrant native butterflies.

The local science museum has hosted After Dark events for patrons 21 years or older to hang out, sample beers and do some hands-on science experiments since their 2016 Science Fest, featuring Druthers brewer George di Piro. Since then, MiSci has taken the opportunity to reach audiences that wouldn’t usually find themselves at the museum on a night out with friends.

“We’re a science museum, not a children’s museum, but adults who visit are usually bringing kids so this gives adults the opportunity to enjoy the museum while they enjoy some craft brews,” Beck said. “While they can go to a bar or a brew tour, here they get to learn and hang out.”

The museum has hosted After Dark events focused on hands-on science demonstrations on subjects from lights and lasers to bubbles. Plus, there are board games, planetarium shows and full museum access. For the upcoming Butterflies & Brews event, they’ll be opening their indoor butterfly house during After Dark for the very first time–but don’t worry, no butterflies will be harmed in the process.

“If we can handle dozens of children in there, I think everyone will be fine,” director of guest services Dan Beck assured The Alt. Just as MiSci secures the space for school trips and family visits, there will be educators inside the butterfly house to control the area and gently remind visitors that the exhibit’s beautiful, diverse guests such as the Monarchs, Black Swallowtails, Buckeyes, Painted Ladies, Tiger Swallowtails and Spicebush Swallowtails are fragile creatures.

“Because we’re still in our infancy, we’re reaching out to vendors. There are so many great local breweries here so we want to–and can–keep it open to them,” Beck said. This event will feature a dozen vendors–the most the museum has hosted so far since the After Dark events have gained traction.

Guest brewers who will be serving up samples and to-go containers of their craft beer in the butterfly paradise will include Saratoga Springs’ Artisanal Brew Works, Troy’s Brown’s Brewing Company and Rare Form Brewing Company, Albany’s C.H. Evans Brewing, Schenectady’s Great Flats Brewing and Mad Jack Brewing Company, Shmaltz Brewing Company out of Clifton Park and Gloversville’s Stump City Brewing.

Butterflies & Brews at MiSci, Schenectady: Saturday March 31, 5:30 PM

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