Local hidden talents play to a quiet Low Beat

Local hidden talents play to a quiet Low Beat

Headlining at The Low Beat on Jan. 11, A World For You aimed to transcend. Taking the stage close to midnight armed with his double neck electric bass/guitar, the artist quietly thanked the room for sticking around and dug into his set as the sickly sweet smell of a smoke machine began to permeate the room, eventually shrouding the soloist entirely. As it cleared, the audience was met with Saratoga Springs’ Brandon James– wrinkling his eyes and mouth as if to absorb the weight and sound of his instrument. It was hard not to notice the channelling of Steve Vai as he grimaced and murmured through each song and transitioning, multicolored lights melted into the smoky haze. It created the perfect backdrop for his ambient looping rhythms and distorted crescendos. The soloist played a number of songs from his most recent release 60 Seconds to Live — letting the 30-second recorded tracks stretch and breath for several minutes at a time.  

Señor Sway, an up and coming funk band out of Saratoga Springs, played a smooth and interactive set. The trio has a real intention to make technically and aesthetically pleasing music and clearly have the talent to make it happen. The steady, pleasant surprise in their cover of Pink Floyd’s “Time” put the room into a trance. “Just play the whole album!” insisted one audience member. The small collection of the band’s originals, however, are pretty good on their own.

Brand new band Ben and The So Cools were playing their second show together–a trio of guitarists in search of a drummer. The group lended a hint of country-twinged folk music to the mix with all too familiar lyrics of starry nights and reminiscent storytelling.

Rusty Mullet is a grunge dream—all acid-wash jeans, oversized tees and haphazardly dyed hair, like Cobain himself had swished and spat them out. There’s absolutely nothing polished about this band, and therein lies their charm. The drummer–who I later learned was filling in for this tour, learning over a dozen songs in three days–spent a portion of the set playing catch-up. Despite this, the Boston band absolutely rips, leaning on powerful bass lines and a soulful, passionate performance. The trio kicked and howled and–by the end of their set–fell to their knees, expended. Their intoxicating energy made them the highlight of the night.

There were hardly enough audience members to line the bar of The Low Beat for their set, which was a shame. On their first tour, Albany had kicked both legs from underneath them–but they reveled in it.

A World for You, Senor Sway, Ben & The So Cools, Rusty Mullet at The Low Beat, Jan. 11 at 8 PM.

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Hi Katie. Thank you so much for the kind words you gave us. The band and I just wanted to thank you for coming down and listening to our music and enjoying it. We never know how people will receive us but we were happy you enjoyed it. My name is Blaise, and I was the guy playing Rhythm/Lead for the band and I really don’t remember too many other people there. I think you might have been the woman sitting quietly on the chairs next to me, near the stage at one point; if not it’s all good. Our band needs all the support it can get and this was just perfect for us after playing a show for a very small crowed, including the staff. If you know of any place we would be a better fit for, maybe a bit more exposure to a bigger crowed then please do not hesitate to let us know. Maybe you could put in a good word for us since you probably rub a lot of musical shoulders where you are. I just assume you live in the Albany area or somewhere close. Any advise or more feedback would be welcomed. You desribed us perfectly by the way…and we can’t thank you enough. Find me on facebook and send a friend request. That way you can follow the band and we can let you know about our progress and show dates. Señor Sway has a page too. I have been going crazy with promo art for the band. Hand made flyers are great too but we usually send out nice eye catching show posters to people in their messenger. Eventually we will have merch and recordings but we have been in a hurry to play out and make the music good first. We just got together this summer. We have been getting very lucky and everywhere we play we have been invited back…but things like your article really stand out. Thanks again…My Sincerest…Blaise Santangelo of Señor Sway

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