NYE highlight: The Age and The Gents with DJ Intell

NYE highlight: The Age and The Gents with DJ Intell

On the night before 2018, DJs, artists and local venues will be packing their spaces with sparkle, pomp and circumstance.

“We wanted to provide a night of chill music, but a little bit turnt up at the same time,” Jamel Mosely said. “We’ll be playing stuff that’s not always typical of a New Year’s Eve party.”

The media producer will be spinning on New Year’s Eve at Putnam Place as DJ Intell Hayesfield. Listeners can expect everything from Prince, Hiatus Coyote, James Brown and Cardi B. “I love Lauryn Hill, so I always gotta throw her in there,” Mosely adds after a beat.

“I don’t think many people will be experiencing something like this–a back and forth between DJ sets and a really dope live band.” Said ‘dope band’ is accompanying act Adrian Lewis AKA The Age and The Gents. The singer songwriter will be providing a soulful yin to DJ Intell’s yang. This will be their first time performing together but Mosely is a fan of their work and the diverse act that group brings to the table.

“Just in the experience of their members, there is really traditional classical music, church bands, old school hip-hop–I mean, Adrien [Lewis] plays in the streets of Saratoga. It’s an eclectic mix that’s also approachable.”

“People are really longing for soul music in their life. There’s a new wave, a resurgence, in soul. It puts me in a certain vibe and space to start the new year off right,” Lewis said.

The four piece band expands on Lewis’ solo performances, introducing a fuller sound in their three-part harmonies and jazz influence to his neo-soul style. The Age and The Gents have only played together a few times but have already grabbed hold of some notable gigs. On March 2, the band will open for Grammy-winning rapper Wyclef Jean at Putnam Place. 

“The genre we do will be a great opener, a great pace for the show,” Lewis said. “The Fugees were a big influence for me. It’s going to be a lot of rehearsals to make sure we can refine our group. So far, we’ve been able to lock it down quickly and create a soundscape.”

In addition to preparing for their big opener, The Age is currently in the studio recording his debut EP. It is set to be released before March. “I’ve found some clarity in what I want to do musically. People have really latched on [to neo-soul] and my music has really been able to stand out.”

The Putnam Place show kicks off on Sunday at 9 PM. Entry is free and all attendees will be entered into a sweepstakes to see Wyclef Jean at Putnam Place on March 2, 2018.

Correction: This article incorrectly listed the venue for Wyclef Jean. The show will be at Putnam Place. 

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