Our 20 most-read stories of 2017

Our 20 most-read stories of 2017

Here are the twenty most-read stories since The Alt Weekly started publication on November 15, 2016. From the music of Phantogram to the politics of Kirsten Gillibrand, these are the stories that were shared like crazy. This list was determined purely by the number of hits on our website. We expect loyal readers of our physical edition might have slightly different tastes. If you have a favorite Alt-story of the year share it on Facebook or Twitter @thealtweekly with the hashtag #2017inreview. 

20. Complaint: SUNY New Paltz cops slept on job, falsified timesheets 

newpaltzA complaint involving a college campus, sleeping cops, allegedly falsified timesheets and secret disciplinary action. This one by Luke Stoddard Nathan has it all. 

19. Exclusive: Corey Ellis to run for Council President


Corey Ellis announced his (successful) bid to become Albany Common Council President in The Alt

18. Meet a rogue environmentalist who cleans up after the biggest festivals 


Katie Cusack spoke to environmentalists who are cleaning up long after your bad trip wears off. 

 17. SUNY shares contract with deletable redactions 


Luke Stoddard Nathan has a funny relationship with public information officers. They really don’t want to help him but they always manage to give him a story. 

16. Ex-lobbyist Todd Howe got a new job in Idaho, attorneys say Lue Stoddard Nathan


The Cuomo confidante who is instrumental in the corruption case involving the Buffalo Billion found employment in another state. 

15. Departed SUNY Poly execs did not resign, personnel records show 

Thanks to some digging Luke Stoddard Nathan was able to report that executives at scandal-plagued SUNY Poly did not leave voluntarily. 

14. Feds: Percoco “threatened at least four” state employeespercocoMembers of the press had long known of Percoco’s temper but this filing by the federal government documented Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s best friend and confidante allegedly threatening top members of the state government. Luke Stoddard Nathan had it first. 

13.  Fred Dicker wants journalists to use racial slurs 


The increasingly conservative and incoherent radio host explained on the air that he believes more journalists should use racial slurs for reasons of freedom of speech, we think?

12. Songwriting and Eurotripping with Portugal. The Manportugal-the-man-press-photo-credit-maclay-heriot-992x546Katie Cusack interviewed  Portugal. The Man’s Erik Howk while the band were in France and in the middle of some sort of crazy dust-up that (maybe) involved a fight, or not. 

11. The Divide: Governor Cuomo, tear down this highway787Dominick Calsolaro demanded Gov. Andrew Cuomo find a way to open up Albany’s riverfront by eliminating 787. It proved a popular proposition. 

10. Looking Up: Proud Boys backlash is justified lark_street_albany_2-992x546Miriam Axel-Lute wrote that members of the “alt-right” Western supremacist group deserved to face real-life consequences after posting about their membership in a public forum. 

9. New lawsuit details turmoil at SUNY Poly, research foundationsunypolyLuke Stoddard Nathan further documented the chaos at SUNY Poly following federal corruption indictments that saw SUNY Poly head Alain Kaloyeros lose his job. 

8. New filings: Mayor Kathy Sheehan loaned campaign $162,000 in July sheehanAlbany Mayor Kathy Sheehan loaned her campaign a tidy sum in her successful re-election bid–it raised eyebrows and complaints from her opponents. 

7. Gillibrand’s office drops hammer on IDC gillibrand-940x546

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s office weighed in on the group of rogue Democrats who have partnered with Senate Republicans apparently with the blessing of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

6.  Gillibrand: “We’re watching democracy being enlivened”gillibrandDavid Howard King landed an exclusive with Gillibrand in January as her national profile began to surge. In her first major interview since Trump won election, Gillibrand shared her thoughts on how to push back against Trump policies. 

5. Three dynamic women have redefined the local strip joint threedynamcBraving backlash and stereotyping Katie Cusack profiled the women who took over a strip club with a long local legacy and made it their own. 

4. How Melissa Auf der Maur rediscovered her muse through Basilica Soundscape basilica

Melissa Auf der Maur gave David Howard King a look at how she and Brandon Stosuy put together the area’s most provocative, diverse and thoughtful music festival. 

3. Are Proud Boys a Hate Group? Experts say ‘Not Yet’proud3-992x546Jaya Sundaresh took a hard look at a hot-button issue, looking at what is known and what is not known about this organization of “Western Supremacists” some of whom reside in the Capital Region. 

2. Cold Broke and Under Surveillance: Life on the Momentive Picket Line 10newskcpic1-992x546

Katie Cusack spent time on the picket line and with the families of the workers impacted by the long strike that garnered national attention and stoked concerns about environmental safety. 

1. Phantogram returns home facing fame and loss phantoDavid Howard King interviewed Sarah Barthel about going from playing dives in Saratoga to being one of the biggest bands in the world, and how the death of her sister impacted her songwriting. 

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