David Howard King’s top albums of 2017

David Howard King’s top albums of 2017

Not much easy listening here. It was a hard year and some hard tunes got me through. 

Bell Witch

Mirror Reaper

The anguish of loss synthesized into an album-long song made up of astonishing movements and devastating shifts.


Black Origami

Jlin’s masterpiece of twisting synths is built on a complex architecture of twirling and intersecting beats. The effect is disorienting and all-encompassing. This is intelligent dance music with heart. Godflesh

Post Self

Sinister industrial psychedelia that mines the depths of the modern human soul. Kendrick Lamar


The top MC in the game looks inward while still challenging the powers that be.

LCD Soundsystem

American Dream

Easily the best album the band has ever made is the diary of a man assessing his place in modern music and realizing he’ll never escape himself.

The Body/Full of Hell

Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

Experimental, harsh and bleak–the second team up between the sludgelords of The Body and the grindcore upstarts of Full of Hell bends and contorts industrial music into something far more raw and personal than most works in the genre ever achieve. Couch Slut


Megan Osztrosits hurls herself screaming about drug addiction and pain into compositions that sound like the work of Steve Albini and the darkest of black metal bands. Contempt is a journey of emotional complexity and personal struggle. Run The Jewels


Killer Mike and and El-P dropped their latest joint at the start of the year and yet it still remains fresh in my mind as one of the most playful, addictive and bombastic works of hip hop this year.

Planning for Burial

Below the House

Thom Wasluck’s is a one-man experimental metal band and now Below the House he utilizes the best elements of shoegaze, black metal, goth and doom to tell a story of addiction and isolation. It’s a truly haunting work of art. 



Creative, sensual and revealing. SZA has made it know that she’s an artist to reckon with.

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