The up-and-coming prowess of The Regrettes

The up-and-coming prowess of The Regrettes

Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

If you’re looking for Lydia Night, you will find her–likely barefoot–snarling, crooning and grinning onstage with her fellow bandmates of The Regrettes. The LA-based foursome–consisting of Night (guitar, vocals), Genessa Gariano (guitar), Sage Nicole (bass) and Maxx Morando (drums)–has made quite a name for themselves since their debut release of Feel Your Feelings, Fool! in January 2017.

A number of tracks have made some serious waves for the band. “A Living Human Girl” made Billboard’s Top 25 list of feminist anthems and the band’s music video for “Seashore” caught attention as a “call for resistance,” putting Night behind the White House podium and presenting the band in a few historic vignettes of female repression and resistance, such as the Salem witch trials and suffragette movement.

The album is full of fast-paced punk anthems of as-if-I-should-care attitude, tinged with moments of real vulnerability. As songwriter, Night has been adamant about staying honest and in the moment in her writing. She writes about falling out of love, periods of insecurity and navigating complicated webs of emotion. They’re as reflective of her own experiences as those of the audience.

“When someone is really vulnerable, people grasp onto that,” she says. “We’re trying to create a space where people can feel comfortable with themselves. No one wants to feel crazy… Who doesn’t want to feel OK?”

The up and coming group has faced off with constant comparisons and often find themselves sized up to other female-fronted groups or “girl bands.”

“It’s frustrating when I’m being compared to someone who’s a woman and a front runner just because of my gender. I’ve been called a ‘rock and roll Taylor Swift’ and it’s just like, what? How?” Night laughs.  

The band is currently on tour with their Cali neighbors SWMRS and The Interrupters but will be making a pit stop on their own to play The Low Beat in Albany on Dec. 6.

“We love New York and it’s been a long time since we’ve headlined,” Night says.

Since their album drop, The Regrettes have hopped onto a tour for almost every season this year, hitting major festivals such as SXSW and Riot Fest and crossing the water for a brief stint in Europe with SWMRS in the fall.

“On that tour, the notes on my phone just blew up,” Night says. “It was the first time I was really independent. Every day we woke up in a new place and we had the whole day to walk and explore and not really make a plan. Usually on tour we don’t really get to see places, we’re traveling, soundchecking and playing. I had so much time to reflect and think.”

The frontwoman says touring has been extremely valuable, not only on the side of experience, but in terms of the band’s development and growth.

“As a writer, I think that our second record will be totally different than our first,” she says. Night has recently delved into the world of early power pop, listing The Replacements, The Exploding Hearts and 20/20 as a few of her current favorites.

“Even live, a lot of our songs have taken this natural twist or turn. It just kind of happens and it’s great, watching a song grow after [being recorded,]” Night says excitedly. After nearly a year of exposure to new and growing audiences, The Regrettes are already looking to evolve.

The Regrettes will play The Low Beat in Albany Wednesday, Dec. 6 at 6PM.

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