On Track: “Young and Dumb” by Souly Had, Purpdogg

On Track: “Young and Dumb” by Souly Had, Purpdogg

Cover art by Chrosky

All eyes on Entréband. The local “sonic conglomeration” has some real skill in its six-member collective, particularly in one Souly Had. The artist released his latest track “Young and Dumb” on Nov. 25, one of quite a few songs produced by local beat extraordinaire Purpdogg. The local multi-platinum producer has provided beats for artists like Drake, Soulja Boy and Rob $tone and is currently working with Had on an upcoming mixtape release. Their collaboration is one to watch.

In “Young and Dumb,” Purpdogg lays a beat that is simple and crisp, making some room for Had’s storytelling. If you’re a fan of the cadence and style of Mac Miller, you’ll be locked into this local talent. His flow is almost conversational and he has a real understanding of timing and rhythm. He pushes and pulls like the subject of his song–an unrequited love–murmuring occasionally as if unsure of the words to follow, coming in strong for the verse. 

The song is simple and steady, lacking the hook and catch that Had carries through in former tracks like “Aquarius,” or “Lunar Light” where the beats and bars tend to take an unexpected turn. But it’s consistent, and a good introductory track to the artists’ work for first time listeners. 

With a solid flow and ability to carry a note, Souly Had seems to blend the persona of an indie singer-songwriter and rapper harmoniously. Between delving into Had’s catalogue and that of his Entréband counterparts, prepare for an extensive–and exciting–rabbit hole of freestyles and tracks. The artists have been releasing content rapid fire with more to come.

More notable tracks: “Aquarius”, “Rocket Power”, “Déja Vu”

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