Neighborhood of Make Believe, Dusted, Blue Ranger

Neighborhood of Make Believe, Dusted, Blue Ranger

B3nson Record Collective presents an evening of soothing folk and indie music at Troy’s River Street Pub tonight (Nov. 10) at 8:30 PM with their own Neighborhood of Make Believe. They’ll be joined by Blue Ranger–the Albany folk trio featuring Pinegrove’s Josh Marre. The band has been called “a master at creating environments for [Marre’s] stories to live, breathing new life into the every day and giving rise to the little things that ordinarily pass us by,” wrote one reviewer of their latest work Actual Food. Toronto’s minimalist trio Dusted (pictured above) will follow, self-described as the perfect listening for the “morning after… whether it be a moody place of self-reflection or a cathartic place of joy and freedom.”

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