Honorary Reception: My Paradoxical Knives

Honorary Reception: My Paradoxical Knives

Though Iranian artist Ali Moini was unable to process his visa before his performance of “My Paradoxical Knives” due to the current federal immigration policy, EMPAC will feature the set of Moini’s show as well as a conversation with the artist via Skype with collaborator Fred Rodriguez and curator Ashley Ferro-Murray tonight, Nov. 9, at 7:30PM. The performance would have been the US premiere of his act, in which Moini performs in a strapped costume connecting metal knives to his body as appendages. As he spins and sings, the knives ascend and point toward the audience as if to ask: What happens when poems are cut loose and become dangerous? What is a safe distance between the audience and the performer? How close can you get to someone who comes from a different culture?

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