Newly released sheriff’s video shows airport foam incident

Newly released sheriff’s video shows airport foam incident

A video released by the Albany County Sheriff’s office Thursday in response to a Freedom of Information Law request by The Alt shows the immediate aftermath of an incident that occurred last month at the Albany International Airport, when a fire suppression system filled a maintenance hangar with foam.

In the Oct. 24 video, filmed by a person who is operating a vehicle, an alarm can be heard as foam pours out of one side of the facility and wind carries it away. Toward the end of the video, either the driver or passenger remarks that he’s “getting hit with foam.”

Metadata indicates the video was recorded at 4:03 P.M. (A previous video, from a different vantage point, published by the Times Union can be viewed here.)

A spokesman for the airport provided The Alt the following statement, originally submitted by the airport authority’s CEO to the board earlier this month:

On the afternoon of October 24, 2017 the foam generators filled the new CommutAir Hangar with High Expansion Foam within 10 minutes. No injuries were reported and damage to aircraft parts appears to be minimal. No aircraft was in the hangar at the time and the building did not sustain any damage. The clean-up operation was extensive and to assist the Authority called in outside environmental firms to help with vacuuming up the foam, cleaning the offices and hangar floor areas. The NYS DEC was on-site during the clean-up process. As of this report we have not found any environmental impact through testing of the stream and runoff. The foam product was previously approved for usage by the environmental control agencies for the application intended. We have submitted samples to a testing lab as confirmation of the product Discharged.

The reason for the inadvertent discharge is still under investigation. We are working with CommutAir to establish a date to re-energize the foam system to restore the hangar to its original working condition.

The sheriff’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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