On Track: “Bad Love” by Geoff Gordon

On Track: “Bad Love” by Geoff Gordon

“Bad Love” – Geoff Gordon

Autumn has fallen but lately there’s been a plague of thick and heavy weather, reminiscent of deep summer, and it has me wishing for a lighter breeze. The late July release from Albany’s newest project Geoff Gordon, “Bad Love”, is a perfect track for this hesitant change in season. The song is light and whispery–like a breath of fresh air–but some elements feel heavy when they settle.

A steady beat and building synth introduce the track and let the surrounding instrumentals unfold slowly on top of one another. There’s something soft in familiar acoustic strumming, twinkling keys and murmured words. It feels like an embrace, offering up a sense of comfort and presence.

Suddenly it’s there. Given the emotional range behind the vocals (provided by Dan LaFave) the lyrics take on an energy of their own. What at first feels light and playful can, in seconds, make you teary-eyed. In a moment, you can almost hear him grin. In another, there’s a crackling, a break.

“It’s hard for me to breathe / It’s hard for me to sleep,” he sings with a sense of reluctant admittance, and the chorus hangs with you in pleading echoes: “I wanted you to keep me up all night.” It’s intensely personal and somehow punishing–bringing up one’s own painful thoughts and memories as they bubble to the surface. But there’s a strength in the song’s development. It carries you–intentionally or not–through a processing of emotions, a moment of introspection. “Bad Love” has the potential to be entirely heartbreaking. Instead, lifted by the twanging strum of a guitar and some airy synth, it feels more like a release. The weight seems to melt and it feels really good to let go.

If you’re feeling enamored by this Geoff track, make sure to check out the other singles on Bandcamp: the self titled track kicked off the summer and “choker” dropped late September.



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