Saturday: 6th Annual Wing Walk in Downtown Schenectady

Saturday: 6th Annual Wing Walk in Downtown Schenectady


You’re walking around, it’s a beautiful Fall Saturday, when suddenly you’re hit with a growling sensation in your stomach. It’s telling you one thing and one thing only-”chicken wings”. You look around you, but to your dismay, there’s nowhere to purchase chicken wings anywhere in your line of vision. Suddenly you remember, “Wait, the 6th Annual Wing Walk, in Downtown Schenectady!”. You sprint to your car and race downtown, only to realize that every chicken wing has already been devoured. It’s 6 PM. Your stomach will never forgive you. Don’t let this happen to you. Support local businesses while stuffing your face with chicken wings, and then judge the best wing of the day. You deserve it.

6th Annual Wing Walk

Downtown Schenectady 

Saturday 10/7, noon

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