Tonight: “The Media Crease” with Abigail De Kosnik

Tonight: “The Media Crease” with Abigail De Kosnik

Tonight at 7 PM, UC Berkeley associate professor Abigail De Kosnik will present her “analysis of how different types of media show their wear” at EMPAC in Troy. Please allow us to quote further from the blurb, rather than try to explain what this means: “From the creased pages of a book, to the deepening grooves in a vinyl record, to digital glitches and erasures, De Kosnik will discuss ways in which the ‘media crease’ presents itself in both durable and digital media. Through everyday acts like reblogging, retweeting, and playback, she will examine otherwise unseen traces and patterns of use within the digital landscape that have perhaps more observable antecedents in physical media.”

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