The Altimates: Media

The Altimates: Media

Altimate Political Radio Show

The Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter on WCNY

Arbetter’s show is a must-listen for denizens of the State Capitol and anyone trying to understand it.

Altimate TV News

Capital Tonight

In an age of insanely biased talking heads,  Liz Benjamin and Nick Reisman provide unbiased and highly-technical reporting on State Government.

Altimate Radio Station For News


With an ever-expanding coverage area and the always-welcome presence of NPR and BBC, WAMC  always gets the first button on our radio presets.


Best Radio Station For Music


The station feels like an old friend. Sure, sometimes we don’t always agree on what is good new music but we’re happy someone is out there breaking new bands. Their commitment to local artists and keeping the area filled with amazing touring acts speaks to just how vital they’ve become to the Capital Region.


Altimate Blog

All Over Albany

They’re that friend that leaves the house way more than we do and is always telling us about the new things we should try. We’re much better for it.


Altimate Podcast


Geeks recognize geeks. Want to stay connected to all things geeky? WAMC has you covered thanks to Patrick Garrett and Rick Marshall.

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