After eight-month wait, SUNY Poly releases emails Kaloyeros received on day of arrest

After eight-month wait, SUNY Poly releases emails Kaloyeros received on day of arrest

Nearly eight months since our initial Freedom of Information Law request, SUNY Polytechnic Institute has released emails its former president and CEO, Alain Kaloyeros, received on Sept. 22, 2016—the day federal and state corruption charges against him were publicized. The slightly more than two dozen emails are largely unremarkable, including a number of automated newsletters and a one-word inquiry (“Comments?”) from a reporter.

Though our request in early December sought all emails Kaloyeros had received and sent on that date, it appears the former president either did not send any emails that day or that his outgoing messages were withheld pursuant to one of several FOIL exemptions the school asserted, including ones related to attorney-client privilege and inter-agency deliberations.

In perhaps the most noteworthy email, SUNY vice chancellor for human resources Curtis Lloyd, writing on behalf of chancellor Nancy Zimpher, advised Kaloyeros that, in light of the U.S. Attorney’s criminal complaint, the school had placed him on “unpaid administrative leave until further notice,” a move it announced publicly minutes later.

“Moving forward,” Lloyd went on, “an official letter will be sent to you shortly outlining the terms of the unpaid leave. We will initiate a review and monitor all legal proceeding[s].” The SUNY official ended the email by inviting Kaloyeros to contact him regarding “implications of the unpaid leave.” Kaloyeros resigned his post the following month.

A SUNY Polytechnic Institute spokesman and Kaloyeros’ attorney did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Our FOIL request also encompassed emails sent or received by the school’s provost, William Durgin, on that date, which the school also provided. 

Kaloyeros, along with executives from two upstate development companies, will be tried on federal corruption charges no earlier than May 15, 2018. He has pled not guilty and maintains his innocence.

View the email sent by SUNY to Kaloyeros on Sept. 22 below.


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