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The Altimates: Arts and Entertainment

The Altimates: Arts and Entertainment


Altimate Photographer 

Mark McCarty 

A photographer who captures the very essence of what it is to be human and flawed. 

Altimate New Photographer 

Kiki Vassilakis 

Yes, Vassilakis takes loads of photos for us but really she takes loads of photos of everything. And all of these photos jump off the page–dynamic, human and eye catching. And Vassilakis is only getting started. 

Altimate Spoken Word/Poet

Amani O

Blazing speed, poignant compositions and an unparalleled commitment to social justice make Amani O the area’s most compelling poet.


Altimate Painter

Alex Waters

Waters’ dark abstracts are both visceral and complex. “Due to my lifelong dyslexia, I knew I could never be a writer that tells the next great American story, but I could show it to anyone that wanted to see,” the Sage graduate explains on his website. His work also seems to struggle with the push and pull between commercial viability and artistic expression. One of his works is titled “Every Fugazi Record has a Catalog Number and Price Tag.” 

Altimate Arts Complex (Entertainment)

87 Marshall St. North Adams, MA
Once you get yourself to MASS MoCA there is really no reason to leave, like ever. Besides major installations from internationally recognized artists, major performances by bands like My Morning Jacket, Dinosaur Jr., and Wilco; the venue is also home to a brewery/pizzeria, a cafe and a high-class restaurant. Stay long enough and you’ll eventually run into art or music royalty.


Photo: Leif Zurmuhlen

Altimate Arts Complex (For Artists)

Albany Barn
56 2nd St. Albany

The Albany Barn gives artists a place to work while helping bring life to a neglected community.

Altimate Arts Non-Profit

Youth FX

This Albany-based organization provides 14-19 year-olds with training in the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking. They regularly produce award-winning documentaries and short films that are shown across the world. 

Altmate Museum 

The Hyde Collection
161 Warren St. Glens Falls 

The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls is home to a staggering collection of paintings by the old masters like Rembrandt and works by modern masters like Edgar Degas and Pablo Picasso. This is an unparalleled treasure that demands to be explored. 

Altimate Gallery (For the People)

488 Broadway Albany
Albany Center Gallery

With Tony Iadicicco is at the helm and a gorgeous new space in downtown Albany the sky is the limit for ACG.



Altimate Community Gathering Center

Sanctuary for Independent Media

The Troy Sanctuary is an oasis for locals to learn, create and explore their surrounding area together. This grassroots organization operates in a beautiful space and offers plenty of media education programs centered around art and science that focus on making better artists and a better community. 

Photo: Kiki Vassilakis

Photo: Kiki Vassilakis

Altimate Movie Theater

Madison Theatre

Head to this Albany landmark for a family day out, a date or solo hang out. The best part of this cozy theater is that it isn’t just the best place to catch a silver screen flick–especially for those 35 cent throwback specials. It’s a community gathering point for local artists and musicians to celebrate their work with their family, friends and strangers. 1036 Madison Ave. Albany

img_0823Altimate Drive-In Theater

21 Jericho Rd. Glenmont NY

On top of offering a fully-functional ice cream stand this first-run drive in is beautifully upkept. Also, ice cream.

Altimate Drive-In Theater (Worth a Drive)

Hi Way Drive-In
10699 State Route 9W

Four screens featuring double showings every night of the week, seriously! Just checkout this week’s offerings: Dunkirk paired with Wonder Woman, Valerian paired with Spider-Man, War for the Planet of the Apes paired with Baby Driver and Despicable Me 3 and Cars 3.

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