The Altimates: Music

The Altimates: Music

Altimate Outdoor Venue (Classic/World)
108 Avenue of the Pines, Saratoga Springs
The allure of SPAC is legendary. Dave Matthews and Trey Anastasio have been lured back year after year by the beauty of the natural splendor. In our opinion the best way to enjoy SPAC is taking an evening in with the New York Ballet, or attending the Jazz Festival. With Elizabeth Sobol at the helm SPAC’s programming is certain to become even more adventurous and provocative.

Altimate Outdoor Venue (Modern)
Brewery Ommegang
656 Co Hwy 33, Cooperstown
The brewery’s summer concert series, hosted by DSP Shows, has brought a variety of really great acts to the isolated, expansive brewery tucked into the mountains of Cooperstown. From Elvis Costello to Brand New, Bon Iver and the Glass Animals, their concert series is always stacked and the venue is absolutely gorgeous. There’s plenty of open space to walk around and the sound and sights are good at pretty much any angle. The local food trucks provide great food and Ommegang has the excellent brews covered. This is the premier spot to hear great music with a view: brilliant sunsets, a grand finale of fireworks and a spot to pitch a tent and continue the party.

Altimate Club (Rock)

The Hollow Bar + Kitchen
79 N Pearl Street, Albany
This triple threat bar, restaurant and music venue is number one in our book when it comes to hosting a respectable bill of the local DIY scene plus the latest and greatest in national ranking rock and roll and– not to mention all of its fresh and exciting genres of indie, experimental, hardcore and more.


Photo: Kiki Vassilakis

Altimate Club (Folk)

Caffè Lena
47 Phila St, Saratoga Springs
Caffè Lena was reborn this year thanks to major renovations and a new sense of purpose. The club that once hosted Bob Dylan has leant its stage to major national talent and gifted locals who worship at this icon in American musical history.


Altimate Venue (experience)
Basilica Hudson
110 S. Front St. Hudson
Just off the railroad tracks, just a couple feet from the train station and the Hudson river sits what is perhaps the most compelling performance space in the entire state. This reclaimed factory dating from the 1880’s is now solar powered, home to a recording studio and is host to readings, film showings, markets and some of the most relevant and compelling musical acts today. You won’t find the kind of booking, collaborations and mash ups that take place at Basilica anywhere else. From 24-Hour Drone to Basilica Soundscape the multidisciplinary concerts hosted by Basilica are transformative and transportive.  


Altimate Performance Space
8th St, Troy
We aren’t going to even try to begin to explain to you the audio technology and design techniques that went into the acoustic in EMPAC’s various performance spaces. But we will tell you this–no matter what you go to see at EMPAC whether it be experimental dance, a world-renowned DJ, a shock rocker with a distorted drum machine, or a classic string quartet–you will be fully immersed.


Altimate Local Festival (International Acts)
Soundscape at Basilica Hudson
Nationally recognized artists with a  and more than just a touch of the bombastic tend to come to Basilica in September. The fest has hosted Godspeed You Black Emperor, Swans, Health Deafheaven, Explosions in the Sky, Perfume Genius and Angel Olsen. Collaboration is always a possibility at Basilica. We hear this year Thou wants to work with Zola Jesus. We hope it happens.


Altimate Local Festival (Local Acts)
Beat Shot
DJ Trumastr and his associates have done tremendous things for local creatives. The Beat Shot Festival is the annual apex and celebration of all the great work Beat Shot does. Here’s hoping for Beat Shot Music Festival #10 next year!

Amani O

Amani O // Photo: Kiki Vassilakis

Altimate Music Series
Brown’s Summer Sessions
This festival is still in its first year and it already feels like a part of the community. We look forward to next year’s lineup.


Altimate Band
This experimental rock group of shoegazers is a local treasure. The magic of Jouska lies in their ability to harness your emo side in dreamy echoes and murmured woes while showing equal prowess in the heavy strumming grit of the punk rock arena. Their unique sound brings the kind of atmospheric stage presence that enthralls and entrances audiences and their latest record Topiary is a well-produced listen. The group now bops between Albany and Philly, but we’re always happy to catch them when they come home.


Photo: Bryan Lasky


Altimate Punk Band
Prince Daddy & The Hyena
If you want, we’ll pretend this was a really difficult decision. (It wasn’t. PDaddy absolutely rips.) This raucous punk rock group is the pride and joy of the local DIY scene and they’re quickly gaining national attention. The foursome has the power to bring a house down with their pounding instrumentals and original, connective lyrics that are worth losing your voice as you scream along.


Photo: Kiki Vassilakis

Altimate DJ

The mastermind. Need we say more ? 


Altimate Singer Songwriter

Girl Blue
Girl Blue, aka Arielle O’Keefe, blew up Spotify last year with her debut release I Am Not a Star, and with good reason. To fully understand what makes Girl Blue so special, you need unplug from the computer and see her perform live. Her powerful voice is something most musicians dream of having and yet she can shred on a Stratocaster and manipulate a loop station into a powerful compositional tool. O’Keefe has the musical and professional tools to have a long career in the music industry. She also has the kind of spark that makes stars.

Arielle Page

Arielle Page

Altimate Metal Band
These guys play eardrum-quivering doom metal that sounds less like a band playing guitars and drums and more like giants plucking at powerlines. Their latest album Nihil Unbound has won them praise from prestigious music press and landed them on bills with some of underground metal’s best talent.

Altimate Album 2017

New Lore, by Sean Rowe

Rowe was surging at the start of the year thanks to the popularity of his song “To Leave Something Behind” which was featured on soundtrack to the Ben Affleck thriller The Accountant. This spring he dropped New Lore an album that captures his lyrical and emotional complexities while delivering songs with crisp production and cinematic instrumentation. Then he did a tour with Girl Blue. Which was also, pretty awesome.

Altimate Rapper

Clear Mind
Clear Mind may be young but his flow is stunningly mature. We expect big things from Clear Mind in the coming years.


Photo: Robert Cooper

Altimate Record Label (Metal)
Magnetic Eye
Mike Vitali took his love of the music industry and vinyl and focused it on what was meant to be a hobby record label. That label has expanded and signed some of the most vital artists in sludge, doom metal and hardcore today. It isn’t just a hobby anymore.

Altimate Live Performer
Taina Asili y La Bande Rebelde
Asili’s mix of world music and passionate activism yields and an absolutely visceral and inspiring live show. Asili is leading The Resistance from the stage.


Photo: Kiki Vassilakis


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