The Alt Into 7/21

The Alt Into 7/21

Here’s what got our writers through the week. 


Katie Cusack @katiecusackk


This past winter–on a long, back roads drive– a friend of mine lined up “Child’s Play” and shook me up. This sultry R&B singer is a vocal goddess. Her latest record Ctrl debuted in early June and has been one of my favorite summer soundtrack. Laced with samples of sage advice from her mom and granny, the album is a beautifully open collection of the artist’s evolution in songwriting and style and puts her velvety-soft vocals on a pedestal supported by strumming beats, smooth synth and some serious collab partners like Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott and Isaiah Rashad.


David Howard King @davidhowardking

The Spotty Dog

I’ve never been a big drinker. My wife will tell you that I’ve flirted with having alcohol in the house once or twice and it has inevitably been thrown away or donated. I am however a big reader and my wife would likely lament to you about how many partially read books are stacked around our house. This past weekend I had a chance to visit The Spotty Dog in Hudson, a place I’ve been many times before, only this time it was really hot out, my only responsibility was to review a show later that day and I had good company. In case you haven’t heard, The Spotty Dog is a bookstore and bar! I know, right?  Suddenly having a glass of sake while discussing Russian history made a lot of sense. I hope to return one day soon to grab a pint and drift off into a book. I may be dreaming. But it’s the kind of dream that gets me through the day.

Jaya Sundaresh @jayaist


I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, when it comes to productivity apps and organizing software. My new obsession is Evernote, the note-organizing app that lets you store your notes in notebooks and stacks. I’ve been finding new uses for it every day. I’ve almost completed moving all the notes for work I used to keep in physical notebooks to my new digital stacks, but I’ve started using it for more conceptual things as well. I have a notebook on Evernote entitled FASCISM, where I store links and quotes and tweets from the alt-right. It’s become my new obsession, categorizing and cataloging all this stuff, so it makes more sense in my head.

I’m also using it for recipe organizing.


Luke Stoddard Nathan, @lukestdnathan


I have yet to try LaCroix, purportedly the choice brand of flavored seltzer for my generation, but will admit that I am unshakeably on-brand with respect to my general affinity for carbonated water. I don’t really pay attention to the brand. It simply ought to be a truth universally acknowledged that seltzer is more fun to drink than water and, therefore, more hydration-inducing. This is a P.S.A.

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