The Alt Into 7/14/17

The Alt Into 7/14/17

The days and weeks ahead are packed with so many events our heads are spinning. Beat Shot is up and running, the Albany All Star Roller Derby is facing off with Hudson Valley challengers, SPAC has a number of massive shows lined up for the weekend and there are even more local gigs. Here’s a peek at what The Alt has been up to in the meantime, let us know what’s on your radar!

Media and Research
Jaya Sundaresh @jayaist

This week, I’ve been into far-right media, for some story research. In addition to sitting through some truly painful Facebook live feeds of far-right activists (seriously, how many times can you hear “the mozlems are gonna kill us all” and still remain sane?) I have stumbled on the newsletter of Will Sommer, an editor at The Hill, who also keeps an eye on the right-wing media so you don’t have to. The newsletter is entitled “Right Richter“, and it is harrowing stuff, although Sommer has a sense of humor about some things, which makes it a little easier to read. He’s made this week’s research on the Proud Boys much easier.  

Here’s a bonus for you: the hilarious, biting review of Milo Yiannopoulous’s new book, which Gizmodo pans.
Digging in the dirt
Katie Cusack @katiecusackk
It’s already mid-July–which feels unbelievable–and I’ve been trying to stay outside as much as possible. This summer, I’ve watched the majority of my backyard turn into assorted patches of veggie, herb and flower gardens. I also finally learned how to take care of my tiny succulent plant that grew a tentacle of an arm, reaching towards the sky. (FYI: It’s a new bud! Cut it and plant it in a new patch of dirt.) It’s always nice to know that when you’re in the mood for a nice pasta dish that would be perfect with pepper basil to top it all off, you can just step outside and grab it. And I don’t want to brag, but a few days ago I discovered that the entire perimeter of my home is littered with blackberry bushes. So yeah, I’m really living.
Asbury Park
Luke Stoddard Nathan @lukestdnathan
Over the Fourth of July weekend, I spent two days in Asbury Park, a small city with a big boardwalk on the Jersey Shore. The public beach ($5 for a day pass) is owned by the city, not the state, so it wasn’t impacted by the budget shutdown. It’s about a four-hour drive from the Capital Region, and totally worth it. There are a ton of good food options–try Porta, a part-outdoors pizza place–and after dinner, you can stroll the beach at night. Music-wise, the divey, hallowed Stone Pony is famous for being the starting point of Bruce Springsteen. Take a trip!

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