Daily Primer 6/29/17

Daily Primer 6/29/17

Luke Stoddard Nathan, @lukestdnathan

What happened to the DoJ?Financial Times

A new book by ProPublica journalist Jesse Eisinger argues that the Department of Justice has gone soft on corporate crime.

Cut Albany police force? Mayoral candidates hesitantTimes Union

The recently released PFM Group report recommended doing so.

Cops: Man kept deer on second floor of homeTimes Union

DEC issued the Jamestown man a ticket.

Rivals say Joanie Mahoney threw phone of man who took her picture at a barSyracuse.com

This seems like the definitive county-executive-phone-throwing story.

Katie Cusack, @katiecusackk

Hey Schenectady County: Fireworks are bannedTimes Union

Residents are fearful of illegal use of the popping, colorful explosives damaging their homes and keeping them up at night.

Assembly passes extraordinary session bill; Senate to return ThursdayTimes Union

County sales taxes, mayoral control of schools and a new name for the Tappan Zee make the cut in the Assembly. Senate will assess today.

Italy gets Brussels backing for EU peers to accept migrants off boatsReuters

Italian ports are overloaded with African migrants crossing the Mediterranean in rescue boats and ask their EU counterparts for help. Spain will discuss the matter and France has declined to comment.

Iraq army seizes ruins of Mosul mosque from ISILAl Jazeera

The Islamic State stronghold in Raqqa, Syria is also reported to be close to falling.


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