Daily Primer 6/23/17

Daily Primer 6/23/17
Jaya Sundaresh @jayaist
A new interview with @ironstache, a union worker who is challenging Paul Ryan’s seat, and in my opinion, has the chance to really give Ryan a run for his money.
There should be no reason to proceed with deporting Carlos Cardona back to Columbia now, now that Cardona’s decades-old criminal record has been expunged. I wonder if Cuomo will do the same for Ricky Morgan
Horrific story out of DC. This story just keeps getting worse and worse. 
Important story out of New Orleans. Charter schools, as are all public schools, are legally mandated to accommodate homeless children, and they failed to do so in this case.
Op-ed from Alternet arguing that the system is “working exactly as it’s supposed to function,” and that justice for Castile was always going to be elusive.

Katie Cusack, @katiecusackk

The incumbent advantageTimes Union
A three-part report on the largest state legislature in the nation.

Goldie may have accidentally given out Banksy’s secret identitySPIN

Yellowstones’ grizzly bears are no longer considered threatenedTime
When the Endangered Species Act was enacted in 1976, there were just 136 bears roaming the area, today there are an estimated 700 throughout northwestern Wyoming, southwestern Montana and eastern Idaho.

Critics say U.S. is sleepwalking into wider role in SyriaThe New York Times
“‘With each episode, “we own more of the conflict in Syria without articulating a strategy,’ said Vali Nasr, dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. ‘We are sleepwalking into a much broader military mandate, without saying what we plan to do afterward.’”

Luke Stoddard Nathan, @lukestdnathan

2 Troy detectives back on duty as city waits for help to investigate drug unitTimes Union
Details begin to emerge of the incident that prompted the suspension of the entire drug unit.

Uber Can’t Be Fixed–It’s Time for Regulators to Shut It DownHarvard Business Review

A Harvard Business School professor discusses what he calls Uber’s “fundamental illegality.”

Memo Shows Preet Bharara Was Concerned After Phone Call From White HouseBuzzFeed
BuzzFeed used FOIA to obtain the memo.

Trump Indicates Tape Tweet Was Meant to Affect Comey TestimonyThe New York Times
This comes after the president tweeted that he possessed no such tapes.

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