Daily Primer 6/22/17

Daily Primer 6/22/17

Luke Stoddard Nathan, @lukestdnathan

A failed reform Cuomo can’t blame on lawmakersPOLITICO

Procurement reform did not pass this legislative session.

SUNY tuition is rising, even as free tuition becomes a realityTimes Union

Students not entitled to “free tuition” can expect their tuition to rise about $200 this year.

Cuomo, Who Controls the MTA, Asks To Control It After Denying He Controls ItGothamist

An overview of Cuomo’s late-hour proposal, which did not pass, that would have expanded the number of board members he appoints to the transit agency.

With Cuomo quiet, Albany reverts to inactionPOLITICO

Headline seems an apt summation of what you need to know about the just-ended session.

Katie Cusack @katiecusackk

Sputtering to an endTimes Union

State legislators left session yesterday with quite a few issues unresolved.

America’s new tobacco crisis: the rich stopped smoking, the poor didn’t The Washington Post

By nearly every statistical measure, researchers say, America’s lower class now smokes more and dies more from cigarettes than other Americans.”

Sudanese scientist battles climate change in AfricaAl Jazeera

“‘We are being impacted by something we have not contributed to,’ she said.”

Abortion adds obstacle as republicans plan to unveil health bill The New York Times

“As senators struggle to develop a health care bill, their handiwork appears to be too moderate for some Senate conservatives and too conservative for some Senate moderates.”

Jaya Sundaresh @jayaist

A frightening story from India about the power that social media and secure messaging has to spread incendiary, violence-inducing rhetoric. 
This is one, controversial way to fight against gentrification. A story out of LA. 
Sarah Jaffe with another “Interview for Resistance” worth reading. 
Sarah Kendzior speaking about voter suppression as an issue in the most recent Democratic loss in Georgia, where Jon Ossoff lost to Karen Handel by 3.8 percentage points. 
Interesting story out of Russia which sheds light on how Soviet authoritarianism has survived the fall of Soviet-style communism.

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