Daily Primer 6/21/17

Daily Primer 6/21/17

Superfunds, Otto Warmbier, downtown trolleys, and more–here’s what our writers are reading today.

Katie Cusack, @katiecusackk

Additional Superfund sites may be declared in Hoosick FallsWAMC
As the DEC continues to investigate water source sites around Hoosick Falls, Commissioner Basil Seggos says they may add sites in high PFOA level areas.

Keep greenhouse gas emissions in mind, Albany told Times Union
Albany’s landfills emit an alarming amount of methane and carbon dioxide and the city has held a number of public forums looking for waste management solutions.

Syrians fear new Raqqa turmoil once Islamic State is defeatedReuters
Raqqa infrastructure, power systems, roads, schools and water supply will take 5.3 billion Syrian lira, or $10 million, to restore after conflict in the city calms down. Failure to rebuild can be dangerous, both logistically and socially.

Draft order on drug prices proposes easing regulationsThe New York Times
Another federal regulatory rollback is proposed to address the pharmaceutical industry would lower regulation and in some cases raise prices for low-income serving medical facilities–which the administration believes has “abused the system.”

Jaya Sundaresh, @jayaist

Texas Couple Exonerated 25 Years After Being Convicted of Lurid Crimes that Never HappenedThe Intercept
A true travesty of justice, out of Texas. 

Research: How Kids’ Health Suffers When Parents Go To JailWFYI Indianapolis
More evidence that locking people up for extended periods of time has a deleterious effect on society. 

Otto Warmbier’s family declines autospy as Trump calls death a ‘total disgrace’The Guardian 
A sad coda to this sad tale of a young man murdered by the North Korean regime. 

Legislature clears bill to allow medical marijuana to treat PTSDTimes Union
New York is inching towards more freedom for medical marijuana users. If only dispensaries would open, now.

Theresa May Wants to Fight Islamophobia in the U.K.? You Must Be Joking.The Intercept
Mehdi Hasan with a useful antidote to the effusive praise thrown May’s way in Vox, yesterday.

Luke Stoddard Nathan, @lukestdnathan

Electric City TrolleyAll Over Albany
A primer on the trolley coming to downtown Schenectady.

Troy’s ethics commission has met this yearThe Alt
Is it kosher to recommend my own story? Check out my story on Troy’s ethics commission, which has only one current member. 

There’s A New Way To Make Walmart Pay For the Food Stamps Employees Rely OnThe Intercept
“The Corporate Responsibility and Taxpayer Protection Act would levy a fee equivalent to the public assistance that a company’s employees are eligible to receive, with the intent to incentivize businesses to pay their employees enough so they don’t need public assistance.”

In New York, [Gov. Rick] Scott brags about Florida being place to visit, do businessPOLITICO
“Speaking to a roomful of Republicans in Manhattan Tuesday night, Florida Gov. Rick Scott poked some political fun at Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, saying they both have done more to boost the economy in Florida than that of their own state.”

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