Ex-lobbyist Todd Howe got a new job in Idaho, attorneys say

Ex-lobbyist Todd Howe got a new job in Idaho, attorneys say

Ex-lobbyist Todd Howe, likely to serve as the federal government’s key cooperating witness in a wide-ranging corruption trial this fall involving past associates of Governor Andrew Cuomo, “has obtained employment and a residence in the District of Idaho,” his attorneys told a judge on June 15.

Since at least late September, when Howe pled guilty to eight offenses, including bribery and tax evasion, which altogether carry a maximum penalty of over a century in prison, his travel has been restricted to parts of New York and Washington, D.C.

An attorney representing Howe did not immediately return a request for comment on his client’s new job. That Howe has landed any sort of job might come as a surprise, considering the extent to which he, by his own admission, bilked a former employer, a subsidiary of Whiteman Osterman & Hanna.

“During the period from 2009 through 2016,” Howe, describing one count against him, told the judge in September, “I knowingly and intentionally used interstate communications to defraud my employer, a government relations firm, of several hundred thousand dollars by depositing checks intended for my employer into an account I opened up in my employer’s name without my employer’s knowledge or authorization and then transferring the funds to a personal account for my use.”

The trial is scheduled for Oct. 30, though it may be split up. The Alt recently parsed the defendants’ slew of May 19 court filings. The government’s response to those papers are due at the end of this month.

Howe also faces a civil suit from Syracuse-based COR Development, which is seeking to collect on what it says was an $85,000 loan. (Two COR executives face charges of wire fraud, bribery, and false statements in the federal case; they have pled not guilty.) An attorney representing COR in the civil case did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Howe’s pending move to the Northwest.

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