The Divide: Liar…Leaker…Labour

The Divide: Liar…Leaker…Labour

One would think that last week’s Comey testimony, coupled with the shellacking British Prime Minister Theresa May took in the early election in the United Kingdom, would have finally opened Trump’s eyes that his despotic way of governing was not working. However, the divide between the real world and Trump’s reality is vast and growing wider by the day.

Fired F.B.I. Director James Comey, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, essentially called Trump a liar.

Comey said, “Those were lies, plain and simple” when he gave his opening remarks.  Comey was referring to one of the many differing excuses given by the Trump people as to why Comey was fired. The excuse referenced by Comey was that Trump fired him because the F.B.I. was in disarray and the organization had lost confidence in Comey.  

However, Comey maintains that he was fired because he was not going to drop the investigation into possible Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. And Trump just about said this in a television interview last month when he relayed that he had been thinking about the F.B.I.’s Russia investigation when he was making his decision to fire Comey.

And, if you recall, this F.B.I. that is in “disarray” is the same F.B.I. under then Director Comey,  which was praised by Trump during the presidential campaign for making public the F.B.I.’s recommendations regarding the Hillary Clinton email saga.  Many political pundits believe this admission by Comey may have been the biggest influence, of many, on Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election in November.

Trump’s personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, told us all that Comey’s testimony vindicated Trump. Yet, at the same time, Kasowitz disputed any and all references made by Comey that Trump was inserting himself into the Flynn investigation and then lying about it.  (Flynn was appointed by Trump to be his National Security Advisor, then had to quickly resign the position after it was learned that he lied to Vice President Pence about his connections to Russia.) So, Trump’s legal team was selectively picking and choosing what parts of Comey’s testimony, testimony given under oath, were true, and what parts were false.

Did you not find it funny that only the good-for-Trump’s-reputation remarks were true and accurate, and all of the other testimony was false? The false testimony being that Trump demanded loyalty (despotic) and “hoped” that Comey would drop the Flynn/Russian investigation? If Trump did pressure Comey to leave the Flynn investigation alone, as Comey believes and swore to under oath, it could lead to an investigation of whether or not Trump’s actions were obstruction of justice.

And, as usual in Trump’s tweet-heavy reality, the best way to counter negative publicity is to act like the schoolyard bully and start calling your opponent names. “Comey is a leaker,” was Trump’s response to Comey’s testimony.  I can actually picture Trump and Comey running around the historic Rose Garden with Trump shouting: “Comey is a leaker. Comey is a leaker.  Na na na na na, Comey is a leaker!” And Comey yelling back: “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” And Trump responding: “I know you are, but what am I?”

Remember, Trump called Comey a “leaker” in the same tweet where he wrote that the testimony, “Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…” So, is Comey’s testimony full of false statements and “lies” or is it so truthful that Trump was totally vindicated? Can you have it both ways, a liar and a truth-teller all in one tweet? I guess in the Trump universe you can.

Last Thursday’s Comey testimony was not the only punch to the gut to Trump World. The “snap” election results in Great Britain were also a body blow. Trump has been seen as a strong supporter of Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative agenda. Mrs. May called for a general election three years early (thus the term “snap election”), believing that her parliamentary majority would be made even larger with the early vote. But, this was not to be. The Conservative Party lost its majority, and the Labour Party gained a substantial number of seats in Parliament.

The Conservatives, though they still have the most seats, no longer control Parliament, and Mrs. May is being forced to establish a leadership link with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (the DUP). Think of this in terms of the New York State legislature where the New York State Senate Republicans need the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) to form a working majority.

One of the tactics the Labour Party used to gain seats and knock the Conservatives out of a one party majority rule was to constantly mock May for her close relationship with Trump. The opposition parties repeatedly used the picture of Mrs. May and Donald Trump holding hands during May’s trip to the White House earlier this year. The opponents used this picture as proof that May was unwilling to stand up to the “unpopular” American president. I wonder if this might foreshadow the Republican House of Representatives and U.S. Senate races in 2018. Will the GOP candidates who will be running for office in 2018 distance themselves from Trump during the campaign season? If Trump keeps dropping in the public opinion polls, I think there won’t be too many GOP candidates appearing within a hundred miles of Trump during the campaign season, let alone be seen holding hands with him.

Liar, Leaker and Labour were the words of the week for the first week of June. Obstruction of justice was the phrase of the week. And, the Special Counsel tasked to conduct an independent investigation of Russia’s involvement with the 2016 presidential election and possible ties to Trump and his entourage, will be the most anticipated investigation since Watergate. It looks like an interesting year ahead in national politics. I better activate my tweet account or I will miss the next round of schoolyard bullying coming from Trump World.

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