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Funny Talk: Nathan Macintosh at Comedy Works

Funny Talk: Nathan Macintosh at Comedy Works
Nathan Macintosh can provide a surge of energy to a sloth, and make even the biggest skeptic laugh.  He will be performing tonight at the Comedy Works in Saratoga Springs along with Ray Harrington and Ross Bennett. Nathan is an award-winning comedian who has appeared on Conan, XM Radio,  as well as many respected comedy festivals such as Just For Laughs in Montreal and the Boston Comedy Festival.
Nathan’s debut album is called I Wasn’t Talking and he is the host of the popular podcast Positive Anger which is definitely worth checking out for laughs.
 So the last time I saw you we had some downright obnoxious beyond heckler terrible people in the audience. Handling hecklers is an art in itself. Do you have a preferred method or a favorite example from a fellow comic?
No, not really. The preferred method would be to kick one of them in the head so that others knew you were the person who kicks hecklers in the head but, you know, you can’t really do that. I try to see if they’re just drunk or being malicious and go from there. 
Just so our audience can get to know you better- you seem to me to have a modern perspective and hilarious observational thought process to your comedy. Do you naturally just think like that? Does funny material just keep churning in that head of yours as you analyze the absurdness of life?
 Pretty much? I walk around, things pop into my head, and then I yell/say those things to/at groups of people in dark rooms. If people laugh I’ll keep working on it. If they don’t I’ll yell louder next time. 
 So no drugs or drinking…. how’d that happen?  I would imagine that means you were a “good kid” but perhaps not, as I also read you were kicked out of school. Tell us more! 
Yeah, I got kicked out of class a lot. No drugs and drinking happened from doing drugs and drinking really young. I rolled into a lot of high school classes hung over the night before. By the time I turned 20 I was like I’m good. 
 You have so much energy as a comic. Is that how you are all the time? What do you do in your downtime… or do you not have downtime? 
It’s how I am a lot of the time for sure. I keep my girlfriend up yelling about things like movie trailers or it’s insane to me that people use a Dyson Airblade hand dryer for any more than three seconds. Honestly, I’d like to rip them off of every bathroom wall but unless you’re a surgeon, you do not need to bake your hands. The water will go away. When I’m not going on about something I’m sleeping.
I read you have done some acting starting pretty young. Did you always have a calling to be a comedian?  When and where did you first perform and what do you remember about that night?  
I wanted to be a comedian since I was ten. I did my first set a bar called Gingers that doesn’t exist anymore, and I remember doing really well. Second set was AWFUL, but I kept going. 
You are from Halifax, CA living in NYC, what do you think of the current political chaos in the US? You don’t seem to touch on it much in your material.  
I feel there’s a LOT of people talking about politics right now, so I don’t do too much about it. 
How’s it going for you in the NYC comedy scene? Are you planning on a move to Los Angeles after you conquer NYC?
I really like NYC.  Me and the summer don’t really get along so I don’t know about LA. 
Marvel or DC?
Favorite movies / TV shows?
Casino and Breaking Bad
Favorite bands?
If I HAD to pick a band, I’d say Rolling Stones. But can I tell you? Not a big band guy
Fave Sports teams?
Toronto Blue Jays. All day
If you could be any animal what would you be and why?
I’ve always said cheetah. Cheetah seems cool. Fast. Nobody can mess with a cheetah. I’m going cheetah. 
Anything else we should know? Tell us.
I like people. 
Nathan’s website is and you can find him on Twitter and Instagram at @nathanmacintosh.
Check out his podcast Postive Anger for some weekly laughs. 


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