Daily Primer 6/6/17

Daily Primer 6/6/17

Happy Tuesday–it’s food day and B.A. Nilsson has a piece about his visit to Aunt Ronnie’s in Schenectady. It’s making us hungry.

Jaya Sundaresh details a rally at Troy City Hall were protesters clashed over making the city a sanctuary for immigrants.

The folks in the Independent Democratic Conference are fighting back against mounting pressure for them to work with Senate Democrats. We broke the news last week that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is weighing in against the IDC.

Luke Stoddard Nathan examines the Troy housing authority’s quest to use private funding.

This week’s issue is going to be hard to miss. Keep an eye out tomorrow!


Jaya Sundaresh @jayaist

Cuomo’s emergency regs would keep Obamacare intact in N.Y.Times Union

Cuomo’s emergency decrees would prevent the worst of the federal government’s repeal of the Affordable Care Act from going into effect, at least in this state. What will happen to New Yorkers who rely on the now-decreased Medicaid aid is unclear.

New York to Betsy DeVos: Stop Delaying Student Loan ForgivenessTimes Union

Under the new administration, student loan forgiveness (even debt that was accrued with tuition to the now-disgraced Corinthian Colleges — debt whose cancellation is supposed to be expedited) has been extremely slow to roll out. 19 state attorneys including New York’s own Eric Schneiderman have signed a letter to Trump’s education secretary asking her to stop delaying the loan forgiveness program.

Will an Expansion of Medical Marijuana Go Up in Smoke?City & State NY

A new look at the state’s medical marijuana program.

Portland Stabbing Survivor — We Mustn’t Forget the Black Women Who Were Attacked — (Huffpost Black Voices)

Micah Fletcher is a good person. This article is an update as to how he’s doing. Fletcher is the only survivor of an attack by a knife wielding racist on a Portland train.

Obama’s Drone Warfare Is Something We Need To Talk AboutTeen Vogue

Teen Vogue, bringing the heat. This op-ed is another fantastic addition to TV’s growing reputation as a serious publication for informed political and cultural criticism. In this, Azmia Magane argues that America’s recent foreign policy problems date from before Trump.

Luke Stoddard Nathan @lukestdnathan

Schenectady shooting by cops streamed liveTimes Union

A man was shot by police yesterday in Hamilton Hill. Police were called to a domestic dispute, and a crowd witnessed the shooting.

Regular Evening Commute Turns Into Naked Subway Train From HellJalopnik

The MTA has not gotten a lot of good press lately, and this won’t help. The F train was apparently stuck in a tunnel for about an hour. As the train finally approached the next station, a witness on the platform recorded a video of passengers somewhat desperately trying to manually open a befogged door.

Critics see Cuomo power play at the PSCPolitico

Apparently the way that Gov. Cuomo runs the Public Service Commission, the state’s utility regulator, is not normal: “Cuomo and his office have repeatedly taken credit for initiatives, led negotiations and announced deals that are traditionally the purview of the state’s utility regulator.”

Huge breakthrough at SUNY Poly with 5 nanometer chipsTimes Union

“Industry scientists working at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany achieved a major breakthrough in computer chip manufacturing by successfully making transistors for 5 nanometer chips. Five nanometers is the equivalent of the diameter of two spiral DNA strands.”

Katie Cusack @katiecusackk

Google Environmental ReportGoogle

Since Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will no longer be a part of the Paris Accord, several businesses, cities and states have voiced their commitment to environmental conservation. The latest Google design brings you to their updated environmental report, outlining the company’s approach to sustainability.   

Millennials are killing chains like Applebee’sTimes Union

This was our diabolical plan all along.

US warning over UN human council roleBBC

UN ambassador Nikki Haley addresses the council’s condemnation of select countries over others.

Some US diplomats stage quiet revolt amid tensions with TrumpThe New York Times

The US ambassador to Britain stuck up for the mayor of London, under criticism from Trump, a member of the embassy in Beijing quit after the Paris Accord announcement and the ambassador to Qatar spoke out against the firing of Comey.

New York funds $3 million to stop pine beetlesTimes-Herald Record

The invasive species has led to the destruction of about 13,000 trees all over the state since 2014.

David Howard King @davidhowardking

Giving the bird: What the covfefe happened to political discourse?City & State

Why do Governor Andrew Cuomo’s flacks act like bullies? They’re doing they’re best to represent their boss!

Lawmakers call for LGBT CoA Judge–State of PoliticsNY State of Politics

A group of openly gay lawmakers want Gov. Andrew Cuomo to appoint a gay individual to the Court of Appeals.

Grassroots groups in Schenectady aim to curb opioid epidemicDaily Gazette

The final installment in a three-part series examining opioid addiction in the region.

Tesla Motors seek traction upstateTimes Union

The Assembly is considering a bill that would allow Tesla to expand upstate.

Event: Ghost and Zombi at The Palace tonight. Doors at 6:30 PM. Bring your devil horns–I’m bringing my mom!

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