Daily Primer 6/1/17

Daily Primer 6/1/17

Happy Thursday! Robert Cooper’s article on 518 hip hop has garnered quite a discussion over on our Facebook page. You can take part in the conversation there, or share your thoughts in our new and improved comments section. Today, we’ll be giving away tickets to The Avett Brothers at Ommegang Brewery on Friday–watch our Instagram and Facebook accounts for changes to win. We’ll also have ways for you see the women of Albany All-Stars Roller Derby lay it down at their next bout on the 10th. As always, feel free to hit up any of us on Twitter for a chat.


Without further ado, here is your Daily Primer:

Katie Cusack @katiecusackk


In Public Understanding Of Science, Alternative Facts Are The Norm — NPR

The public blood gets boiling when faced with political “alternative facts” but remain complacent when faced with scientific ones (i.e. climate change, GMOs, immunizations) that solidify a prior belief in how the world works.  

Someone hung a noose inside the National Museum of African American History and CultureComplex

For the second time in a week, a noose has been hung on the grounds of the Smithsonian, this time in the new segregation exhibit. The incident is one in a series of representational–in addition to the very real and deadly–racial attacks around the country.

What does Trump’s Paris climate decision mean?Politico

The leader of the nation has been holding his decision (on whether to act on scientific evidence of climate change or continue to ignore it) over the head of the global community since he took office. To twist the knife, he is waiting to announce his decision until 3PM today, though rumors have already spread that he has decided to leave.

Schenectady building demolished to make way for park improvementsThe Daily Gazette

The space left by the abandoned building will become another entrance to Orchard Park.

The park is undergoing a redesign process that is expected to be completed by next year.

This millionaire has a promising idea for space exploration. But he says aliens are already here.  —The Washington Post

Meet Robert Bigelow, the man who has spent millions of dollars on his own aerospace company to craft new expandable spacecraft–all in the hopes of contacting alien life forms.

Events on my radar: Tonight at 5PM kicks off Brown’s Summer Sessions with Mondo Cozmo, Albany’s One Red Martian and Troy’s Rechorduroys.


David Howard King @davidhowardking


Education advocates dominate top campaign donors of 2016Politico

Bill Mahoney, Politico’s numbers man, breaks down the biggest campaign donors of 2016. The Cuomo administration has a favorite saying–something like “donations don’t influence policy.” Go on, chuckle.

State senate stipend probe yields at least one subpoenaNY Daily News

An investigation into how lulus were awarded to Senate Republican and and IDC members has yielded at least one subpoena.

Democratic fied in NY-19 swells to sixTimes Union

Rep. John Faso has made a few…mistakes and Democrats smell blood.

Trump administration moves to return Russian compounds in Maryland and New YorkThe Washington Post

Obama took them away in retaliation for Russian interference in the Presidential Election and Trump is giving them back


Luke Stoddard Nathan @lukestdnathan

Albany airport awarded $2.5M in federal funding for projectsAlbany Business Review

Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer announced the allocation as part of a larger release of federal funds.

Why Is Subway Service in New York Getting Worse?The New York Times

A helpful primer.

Feds’ probe of Cuomo administration had many threadsTimes Union

Chris Bragg combs through the discovery index filed in the Joseph Percoco et al. case.

Fed up asking for data, PSC subpoenas energy firmsTimes Union

“In a rare move, the state Public Service Commission has issued dozens of subpoenas to energy retailers over the past two weeks as part of its ongoing probe into allegedly unscrupulous sales practices.”


Jaya Sundaresh @jayaist


The Knife of Aristotle isn’t just a Fake “Fake News” Site — It’s a Cult. Paste Magazine

Horrifying story out of, well, Albany. This investigative journalist dug deeper as to why the recruiter for this journalism company wanted him to spend five weeks in Albany attending a re-education seminar, and it turns out that it’s actually a cult.

How Jared Kushner built a luxury skyscraper using loans meant for job-starved areasWashington Post

An indictment of Kushner and an insightful look at how the superrich routinely take advantage of loopholes with absolutely no impunity, in order to increase their own personal wealth.

Brooklyn’s Decriminalization Success Proves Jeff Sessions WrongCity & State New York

An op-ed by the current Brooklyn DA that argues that Brooklyn’s decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana and new policies promoting a less-punitive prosecution strategy have actually lead to Brooklyn’s safest year in history.

“I did not expect unionized workers to vote for Trump”: An interview with Cecilia AldarondoThe Progressive

An interview with the filmmaker of this short film about the Momentive strikers (which has been featured in an earlier Daily Primer), conducted by labor journalist Sarah Jaffe. Offers insight into the mindset of unionized workers who apparently enthusiastically voted against their own interests in 2016.

Hollywood Still Has No Idea How to Resist TrumpVice

Op-ed from Vice writer Eve Peyser, arguing that Kathy Griffiths’ stunt with the decapitated Trump head was a bad move. Peyser makes her argument from the left, which is refreshing.

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