The Daily Primer 5/31/17

The Daily Primer 5/31/17

Happy hump day all. When you head out to grab your afternoon brew today, be sure to pick up our print issue. If only for a moment, it will spice up your mid-week slump. This week, Robert Cooper profiles the local artists of the hip-hop scene.

There’s a lot on our radar as we say goodbye to May: Trump’s shenanigans continue, the Port of Albany is stirring and we check out what’s in our drinking water. Have any comments or shoutouts for our writers? Hit them up on Twitter. 

David Howard King @davidhowardking

Andrew Cuomo appoints Trump advisers to Penn Station task force after big campaign donationsIB Times

Ahead of a potential 2020 presidential bid, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has generated headlines for his public criticism of President Donald Trump. However, Cuomo recently appointed one of the president’s infrastructures advisers after that Trump confidante gave the Democrat’s election campaigns hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Marquis Dixon accused of threatening mother with at knifepointTimes Union

Marquis Dixon, the Albany teenager whose nine-year prison sentence for stealing sneakers was reversed in October, was arrested by city police early Saturday for allegedly threatening his mother with a steak knife.”

The Knife of Aristotle isn’t just a fake “fake news” site — it’s a cultPaste

Never heard of NXIVM? Here’s a good place to start.  

Radiohead’s rhapsody in gloomRolling Stone

Thom Yorke opens up to Rolling Stone about his state of mind during the recording of OK Computer. “I was basically catatonic. Back then, the person I saw in the mirror kept saying, ‘You’re shit. Everything you do is shit. Don’t do that. It’s shit.’”


Katie Cusack @katiecusackk

The reasons you can’t be anonymous anymoreBBC

We’ve gotten really lazy about our private information on the internet and if you’re looking to go off the grid in 2017, deleting your social media accounts isn’t going to cut it.

4 women offered illegal massages, Colonie police sayTimes Union

Four women in separate motel and business locations around Central Avenue were arrested for offering illegal massages and sexual favors. None of the women communicating with the DOJ interpreter during their interview with law enforcement have said that they were coerced into the act–which would result in evidence of human trafficking.

Top Trump aide: Coal doesn’t make ‘much sense anymore’CNN

Gary Cohn, director of the White House National Economic Council, addresses Trump’s stalling on the Paris agreement and advocates for renewable energy. “‘If you think about how solar and how much wind power we’ve created in the United States, we can be a manufacturing powerhouse and still be environmentally friendly,’ Cohn said.”

The avocado toast index: How many breakfasts to buy a house?BBC

I’m sorry (not sorry) that we’re still even talking about this, but these charts are great.  

How Congress dismantled federal internet privacy rules  —The Washington Post

The campaign to kill FCC rules–requiring explicit consent from users for access to their private information–began just weeks after the Trump victory. The article also mentions   “…the Congressional Review Act that allows Congress to kill recently adopted regulations with a simple majority vote. Before the 2016 elections, the 21-year-old act had been used only once, in 2001. Since November, Congress and Trump have employed it 14 times to kill Obama-era initiatives.”


Luke Stoddard Nathan @lukestdnathan

Collapse of $500 million SUNY Poly deal had worldwide consequencesTimes Union

Larry Rulison traces the ripple effect of the abandonment of SUNY Poly’s Advanced Patterning and Productivity Center.

NYPIRG’s New York State Drinking Water Profiles Project

Type your zipcode into this database, compiled via public sources, to find out what’s in your drinking water.

Albany port picks contractors for ‘heavy cargo’ expansionAlbany Business Review

Four firms were awarded contracts at the Port of Albany’s Tuesday board meeting.

With lobbyists, big-money interests cover their bets in NYlohud

Somehow I missed this: an detailed overview of lobbying in New York, as it currently is practiced.


Jaya Sundaresh @jayaist

How Hungary Became a Haven for the Alt-RightThe Atlantic

An important report from Carol Schaeffer detailing how Hungary has become an increasingly illiberal nation, one that harbors and fosters the development of far-right groups and thinkers.

How to Save the N.A.A.C.P. From IrrelevanceNew York Times

An op-ed from former MSNBC host and Tulane University professor Melissa Harris-Perry on the failure of the old-school civil rights organization to change with the times. She makes the observation that the most important civil rights work is beginning to happen outside of the organization, rather than within it.

Trump administration plans to minimize civil rights efforts in agencies Washington Post

Another one of those small, slimy things that this Administration is doing to ensure that the country we will inherit will be less fair and less just than the one we grew up in.

Strange Fruit’s complicated, controversial place in comics’ diversity debateVox

A fascinating story from Tre Johnson about a controversial attempt to inject some diversity into the comic book world — an attempt that didn’t quite work, as the writers of Strange Fruit were white, writing imprecisely and imperfectly about a black experience. This piece forces us to think about the politics of storytelling.

Young US spellers compete for highest R-E-S-P-E-C-T in 90th Scripps beeThe Guardian

The Scripps National Spelling Bee competition,also known as the Indian-American Superbowl, is upon us once again. (I can make that joke, I’m Indian!) An interesting look at this year’s line-up of pre-teens, and one very precocious six year-old.

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