Wurliday debut single “Active Love” from forthcoming EP

Wurliday debut single “Active Love” from forthcoming EP

Guitarist and composer Justin Henricks’ newest brainchild, Wurliday is a soul-ed out throwback group that deals with timeless material. Henricks and Arielle O’Keefe of Girl Blue collaborated on the lyrics for much of the album, and O’Keefe also appears along with vocalists Jennifer Hartswick of Trey Anastasio Band, and Tyrone Hartzog of The Chronicles.

This particular track is exclusively being released here at The Alt and features Henricks on guitar, as well as O’Keefe and Tyrone Hartzog on lyrics that were written by local vocalist and keyboardist Horace Michael.

The track is titled “Active Love” from Wurliday’s first EP Bedtime Blazer out on June 1. 

Henricks says this “was the first song we tracked at Alan Evans’ last fall. Paulie (keyboardist) and I also spent a fun day at his studio ‘Funkhaus’ in Connecticut to construct the synth parts in the bridge. The guitar solo and vocals were all tracked in the attic at ‘Grandma’s (Brundige’s home studio)’”

 “I came up with the idea for the song after a conversation I had with someone about evolving love – Different stages of love, that sorta thing. How love you might have had for someone once upon a time, could still be there in some form years later but just not necessarily in an active form,” said Henricks. 


Arielle O’Keefe (Girl Blue) – Vocals
Tyrone Hartzog – Vocals
Michelangelo Carubba – Drums
Paul Phillipone – Wurlitzer/Organ/Synthesizers
Reed Sutherland – Bass
Justin Henricks – Guitar

Written by Justin Henricks and Horace Michael. Engineered and mixed by Alan Evans at Iron Wax Studios in Massachusetts. Additional tracking done with Paul Phillipone at Funkhaus Studios Hartford, CT. Vocals tracked with Bryan Brundige and Justin Henricks at Grandma’s Studio in Albany, NY.

Below is a link to the first single from the album entitled “Getting There” featuring vocalist Jennifer Hartswick on vocals and trumpet, as well as Michelangelo Carubba from Turkuaz on drums, and a host of other regional players like Beau Sasser, Paul Phillipone, Reed Sutherland, Bryan Brundige, and Henricks.

The tune was written by Henricks and O’Keefe, and engineered and mixed by Alan Evans of Soulive.

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