Tonight at The Low Beat: Candy Ambulance

Tonight at The Low Beat: Candy Ambulance

Candy Ambulance

The Low Beat, Albany, Thursday, 4/20, 8 PM

Candy Ambulance (pictured) have earned a reputation throughout the Capital Region’s DIY scene for a few reasons: their energetic music that finds a nice middle ground between punk and grunge, their socially progressive ideologies, and their curious habit of stripping down to their underwear before they start playing. Maybe it’s just a gimmick, but it’s certainly an effective way to get you to pay attention to what they’re singing about. The band will be joined Thursday at the Low Beat by two frequent-playing locals, Hospital Corners and Better Pills. Hospital Corners feature members of the now-reborn Albany indie/pop-punk tribe Aficionado, and Better Pills play basement indie rock; Meg Duffy of Hand Habits played on their 2014 record Blood Chant.

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