Tonight at the Palace: In This Moment

Tonight at the Palace: In This Moment

In This Moment

Palace Theatre, Albany, Wednesday, 4/19, 7 PM

Over the past decade the metalcore tag has become increasingly amorphous, a catch-all for anything that doesn’t quite qualify as death metal, sludge, black metal, or hardcore, and isn’t accessible enough for mainstream appeal. In This Moment are the loosely-defined genre incarnate. Fronted by the throat-searing Maria Brink, who’s been awarded such prestige as ‘Hottest Chick In Metal,’ the band’s sound rests somewhere in the midst of post-Reznor industrial, Warped Tourian ‘gothcore’, and the hard rock/radio metal no-man’s land that’s occupied by the likes of Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed. Their ‘something-for-everyone’ brand of headbangery will be showcased at the Palace Theatre this Wednesday alongside Motionless In White, Avatar, and Gemini Syndrome.

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