Tonight at Proctors: The Love Witch

Tonight at Proctors: The Love Witch

The Love Witch

Proctors, Schenectady, Tuesday, 4/18, 7 PM

Anna Biller made quite a splash with 2016’s The Love Witch, a visually lush horror film about a modern-day witch who uses spells to make men fall in love with her. Shot on 35MM film, it’s a glorious throwback to the brightly colored horror films of the 1960s. Katie Rife at the Onion AV Club wrote that the film “is not just an impressive visual and technical achievement. It’s also a nuanced statement on gender relations whose morals are as flexible as its formal qualities are rigid.” And The New Yorker’s Richard Brody gushed, “The film pulsates with furious creative energy, sparking excitement and amazement by way of its decorative twists, intellectual provocations, and astounding humor.”

Tonight’s screening at Proctors is an It Came From Schenectady presentation.

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