Sheehan’s family impacted by recent murder

Sheehan’s family impacted by recent murder

Christopher Hardy, a 27-year-old father of two, was shot and killed Saturday on First Street in Albany. The killing represents the second homicide for the city of Albany this year. It also directly impacts Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, as Hardy was the biological brother of Sheehan’s adopted son.

Sheehan has been active in various anti-gun-violence initiatives and has overseen a drop in crime during her time in office. “This is the worst call a mayor can get–not only that someone’s life was lost but that it was family.” 

“My family has now been impacted by gun violence in the city of Albany,” Sheehan told The Alt. “My son lost a close family member to gun violence in Albany. It’s hard to process. Gun violence is not just statistics. We don’t have the problem we’ve seen in other cities, but whether it is one murder or two murders or what is going on in Chicago, it is just too much.” 

Sheehan said that she’d known Hardy as a good father to his two children and that he’d been present for her son during tough times. She stressed that she did not want her connection to Hardy to overshadow the impact the loss has on Hardy’s mother, Sue. “I can’t imagine the heartbreak of going through what she’s been through.” 

The murder is currently being investigated by the Albany Police Department. “I’ve gone to conferences on gun violence, I’ve stood on corners rallying against it, but I never imagined I would experience it this directly,” she said. 

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